Official Sites. It is now a popular fictional storyline with "The Men in Black" movie series. According to some, she can be heard wailing near a waterfall on the night before the anniversary of the massacre. Why did only the science teacher see light reflecting off the balloon? A few hundred people are just likely to be duped by a hoax or a simple delusion as a single person. The Watcher is at its strongest in an area called the White Room, where even veteran vault dweller Nicola refuses to go. If you’re all adults or if you want to open up a conversation with your teen about the dangers of ‘cutting’ then by all means go ahead and watch it. Susan Slaughter has been controversial from the very beginning. Scottish castles are famously haunted. [11] In 2017, a family posted a job offer on, looking for “an exceptional live-in nanny” for their two children aged five and seven. Hell, this doesn’t even belong in a closed-door office meeting never mind on a public service such as Twitter. The Pink Lady spends her time wandering around the castle and its surrounding area. Over the centuries, the place has accumulated so much spectral energy that many visitors have reported invisible hands pulling their hair or throwing things at them. The two fell in love, but when Sir Alexander found out, he was so furious that he locked his daughter in the castle tower. But suddenly, they received an order from the crown: Kill the entire clan. ", "Knowledge grows through infinite timelessness" --. by DebunkMeidareU » Mon Oct 15, 2012 7:51 am, Post All rights reserved (About Us). Not only is Susan a well known paranormal expert, she openly identifies as a Witch. Aside from her paranormal endeavors, Susan had parallel aspirations for acting growing up. Is there a correlation here? by moth1ne » Mon Oct 08, 2012 3:34 am, Post Some say that they’ve witnessed the entire battle played out by the restless ghosts of the fallen, as the air fills with screams and sounds of fighting. Still, the Clan MacDonald ghosts are just the tip of the supernatural iceberg in Glencoe. Only one teacher and a few students saw the balloon. How many times does this need to be debunked? This episode was titled “Sacrificed Mayan Spirits: Belize” and included investigating some Mayan temple ruins with a guy that thinks the spirits in residence are going to start following him home. by Poodle » Wed Oct 17, 2012 11:29 pm, Return to “UFOs, Cryptozoology, and The Paranormal”, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited, PSI, Mediums, Ghosts, UFOs, Things That Go Bump In The Night. In all fairness, we must mention that the history of the Mary King’s Close is not quite as ruthless as its marketing people would have you believe. I guess maybe it's not considered one of the big ones anymore, but some still reference it. Write down the different descriptions that the actual eyewitnesses actually made. According to another legend, she may be the wife of a soldier who fell when Edward I and his troops besieged Stirling Castle in the early 14th century, doomed to search for her fallen husband for all eternity. He also admits that many members of the staff have had odd encounters, and their cleaner has actually threatened to quit if he encounters any more unexplained phenomena. The Scots certainly agree. Barry FitzGerald did a double-check with ‘Suzie’ to be sure she wanted to do this and then stayed nearby to watch the ritual. The next day, Sir Alexander took his daughter in the cave so that he could make sure no hopes of marriage would linger between the two young lovers. Founder and Manager of Paranormal Protagonist Inc. at Paranormal Protagonist Inc. Naturally, this means that Kinnaird Head has its very own ghost story. One day, when Sir Alexander was away on business, Isobel took in a young piper who was seeking shelter from a snowstorm. Keep journalists asking the hard questions. Part of this was because it is conveniently near some other sites with a ghastly reputation, such as the Culloden Fields, which we’ll discuss in a moment. There are rumors of a third, more mysterious specter. by DebunkMeidareU » Mon Oct 15, 2012 12:26 pm, Post -Carl Sagan. Anyhow I'll go through more of the video later.... ↳   SKEPTIC Magazine: Letters & Discussions, ↳   UFOs, Cryptozoology, and The Paranormal, ↳   Holocaust, Genocide, and Mass Violence, ... om#p279642, the random fictional Deepak Chopra quote site, ... estall+ufo, ... ue1941.jpg,, Susan is well known for her duality in both acting and the paranormal, launching her amongst the "horror elites". by DebunkMeidareU » Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:52 am, Post Real-Life House from The Conjuring Is Live Streaming for an Entire Week, The Dark Zone Presents Weeklong Live Streaming Event from The Conjuring House, Horror Highlights: Release Details for The Dawn and Inside, Cinefantasy 2020’s Call for Submissions, A Fire Smokes Out a Cryptid in Oklahoma and More, Sacrificed Mayan Spirits: Belize and France, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. This is hilarious because another person says, So someone identified Cessnas? Unfortunately for the Cummings, Old Cumming’s daughter was worried about the safety of her lover and warned the Mackintoshes about the plot. 13 of 25. Others say that they’ve heard the screams and wailing of the MacDonalds being killed all over again. No that is the storyline from the USA television show "Project UFO" that was shown on Australian TV in 1980. A sortable list in reading order and chronological order with publication date, genre, and rating. Being part Nicaraguan, she is fluent in Spanish. However, they’re both small potatoes compared to the Watcher, a truly frightening entity. She is a pretty woman who got her nickname from the luxurious, pink dress that she wears. Despite the fact that the whole situation seems like a setup for the kind of horror movie the protagonist is not going to survive, the family’s decision to be up-front about the job’s challenges paid off. last season, Susan took a couple of opportunities to go into trances. The marshy battleground didn’t favor the Jacobites and their favorite strategy of charging the enemy headlong. She's been featured on The Nerdist, Bizarre States, Dread Central, and Sinful Celluloid. Occult entrepreneur Joshua Savage of Black Dragon Paranormal meets with their new producer/director. Looking for something to watch? . Still, don’t think that the ghosts of Stirling Castle are all benevolent. I'd tell you the name of the show, but honestly it escapes me, if I can wrangle it up I'll come back and post it. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Its only occupant is said to be the ghost of a young, handless woman in a bloody dress. According to Nicola Wright, who has worked as a tour guide in and around the Vaults for over a decade, the Watcher is always lurking in the tunnels. by Poodle » Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:51 am, Post Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Being part Nicaraguan, she is fluent in Spanish.

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