The Swiss Arms TRS, with all the accessories shown, is an exceptional CO2 model given that the retail price is still below $200. Il est également possible de lui ajouter une lampe tactique. Copyright © 2020, Pellpax. Réplique 4.5 bb métal, très réaliste, très précise. Non firearms orders dispatched within 48 hours subject to stock availability. Copyright © 2016- 20 There is little more you can ask from a blowback action 1911 air pistol. Shooting Dust Devils, a best 10 rounds spread across 2.0 inches with the best five clustered into 0.75 inches. This is the most realistic looking of the current faux suppressors available for CO2 air pistols. Made in Taiwan!!! Could that suppressor be used on the Cybergun silver P226 X-Five BB pistol? SA 1911 version tactical avec laser Grâce à son rail picatinny situé sous le canon, ce pistolet est équipé d’un laser Swiss Arms, ce qui complète le style de ce modèle en métal noir pour ajouter du piment à vos parties de tir ! Fonctionnant à l’aide de cartouches de CO2 comme moyen de propulsion, son chargeur peut contenir jusqu’à 18 billes. This makes them ideal for shooting reactive metal target with BBs. We ship direct to your door! Une clef Allen. The SA 92 slide does retain complete range of movement with the suppressor attached, and the suppressor and guide rod never make contact. Crosman SR357 . Pistolet swiss arms SA 1911 tactical 4.5 mm BB; Pistolet swiss arms SA 1911 tactical 4.5 mm BB. Un sachet de billes d'acier. I think the guide rod doesn’t move either forward or back when the slide moves, but I don’t really know for certain if the JBU faux suppressor will allow the slide mechanics to work as designed on this pistol. The sights seem just high enough. Il est également possible de lui ajouter une lampe tactique. - Un usage parfaitement sécurisé : bouton de chargeur, chien et détente ajourés…, Adresse administrative152 rue du temple - 75003 PARIS, Adresse logistiqueRue des Chapelles - 38070 Saint-Quentin-Fallavier. I would use Locktite. All magazines fit Ben 1911 Remington. There is also a process for mounting the JBU on threaded barrels. All rights reserved. I found that neither the adapter nor suppressor will loosen with repeated firing, so you don’t need to worry about it unthreading. The Swiss Arms SA 1911 TRS has a piece of that history in its ambidextrous thumb safeties. 129,00 € Ajouter au panier. In addition to the manufacturers one year warranty, Pellpax offer a FREE LIFETIME repair service that covers all gunsmith labour costs. 149 and No. Really like this bb pistol. Using the Dust Devils average velocity was 322 fps with a high of 340 fps and a standard deviation of 8 fps for 10 rounds. - Un usage parfaitement sécurisé : bouton de chargeur, chien et détente ajourés…. Single/Multi Stroke Pneumatic Air Pistols, Airsoft Goggles, Glasses & Protective Eyewear, Full Face Airsoft, Combat & Outdoor Masks. Que vous soyez débutant ou joueur confirmé, ce pistolet à plombs est idéal pour toutes vos séances de tirs de loisir. We now also deliver to the Isle of Wight on the last weekend of every month. No problems so far. Average velocity with .177 caliber steel BBs was 310 fps with a high of 315 fps and a standard deviation of 4 fps for 10 shots. I have the exact pistol from Remington ,will see if it has the threaded slide. Kidon™ Tactical Kit für Colt 1911 und Klone, IMI Defense Israel. Years ago, (many) I was involved in the custom manufacturing of .44 Colt cartridge conversions of Colt 1860 Army revolvers and 1858 Remingtons, just like Colt and Remington had made in the 1870s. : 90326 (1) Leider ausverkauft! - Couleur : Noire. Ajouter au panier. Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2018. Here at Pellpax we offer probably the best airgun delivery service in the UK, with weekly deliveries to your door on all airguns across England and Wales and mail order deliveries on all other items. Here’s a picture of the silver Swiss Arms SA 92 with the JBU faux suppressor. I attached it to the silver Swiss Arms SA 92 and manually tested the slide movement. This gun is really fun to shoot blow back is impressive grips are awesome the finish is very nice overall no problem except that the mags are not compatible to other 1911drop down mags and the blow back mechanism is red plastic which takes away from the realistic look it's also thinner than the regular 1911, but I still give it a 4star hope to say the same within a year.

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