The typical, unaltered shotgun holds five to six rounds in its magazine, so spare shells are a must. Workin' On Our Night Moves Night Shooting Helmet Setup Overview. The Wingmaster models, in particular, are ultra smooth and feel ridiculously smooth. The rounds eject from the magazine tube and are easy to remove. The SGA stock is lined up like a standard stock, but the pistol grip takes a sharp downward angle. GG&G Remington Shotgun Accessories; Made In America By Men And Women Proud To Be Americans! It’s not perfect for everyone in a stock configuration. Disclosure: These links are affiliate links. With the Remington 870, the action happens to be ultra smooth especially after it’s been worn in a bit. This quick adjust sling is perfect for the Remington 870. Number of Products to Show. The GG&G TAC-14 Tactical Accessories are manufactured to withstand the rigors of combat and tactical use by professionals and civilians alike. TAC-14 Forend. Thanx It can be reached with the thumb or trigger finger.

At the range the 870 is effective it’s more than accurate enough. It’s easy to move into action, swings up on target naturally in a point and shoot mode. Also, things like pressure switches are tricky on a gun where you are rapidly pumping the action. The SBA3 makes the TAC 14 much easier to handle. For indoors use the shorter the gun, the better, and it’s harder to get shorter than the TAC 14 and a brace without a tax stamp.

Mounted directly on the receiver, the rigs can, in some cases, put as many as eight shells in sight and within reach. Both are American made and have long histories of being hunting shotguns, police shotguns, as well as serving in the US military. 4 Must-Have Concealed Carry Upgrades (2020), Don't Blink! So, without further ado, here are 4 Must-Have Tactical Shotgun Upgrades. But they can be well worth the money. The recoil of the might weapon makes it easy for lights to be dismounted.

Thank you! An M-Lok accessory has a turn key plate that fits into the slot and is rotated to lock in place. This finish is corrosion proof and is designed to be used in saltwater conditions. Thanks.

The only rounds that will give you trouble are the small Aquila mini shells that seem to have issues feeding into the gun.

Luckily, many modern tactical models already come outfitted with them. Now, with the introduction of the short personal defense Raptor gripped Remington 870 shotguns tagged the Tac-14 in 12 gauge and now in 20 gauge, the rush to supply add-on accessories is in full production. Tactical shotguns can be a bit trickier than tactical rifles to outfit with a flashlight, given they usually don't come with M-Lok or KeyMod real estate. One up grade I have done to all my pumps is replace the shell follower with a GG&G stainless follower, way more dependable and smoother than the factory plastic one. The 5.11 Bandolier is another very well made pouch. And given the likelihood of having to confront an intruder or protect your family in the dark, a light source would be a pretty dang good idea. Two kits were used, one in reverse position permitting two hand stops to keep the hand from sliding along the forend as the 870 is pumped.

Merchandise Return And Exchange Policy (Non-Warranty). To enhance the handling characteristics we added Talon Grips rubber stick on grip panels for the Raptor pistol grip and the forend. We offer these in semi auto , pump action magazine fed and Bull pup configurations. You pick only the features you want to be applied to your custom shotgun. The makers of aftermarket add-on accessories for firearms must know from experience how owners of certain guns just love to customize their guns with accessories for them.

Upgrade Safety, Extractor, and Follower. They have an Electroless nickel plating that gives them a stainless steel appearance. Adding a flashlight to your tactical shotgun can be tricky, but there are a slew of mounting options that make it easy. Shockwave Raptor Grip for Remington 870 $24.95. It’s reliable, straightforward to use, to disassemble, and to accessorize. Without question, the Surefire DSF 870 is expensive but worth every penny. We added Remington magazine caps with a sling loop installed. On top of that, they're winged, protecting the sights themselves and preventing them from getting snagged on gear. You reload from the side saddle. One problem with the shotgun is the size and weight of the ammo, the tube magazine, and ways to effectively carry extra ammo. Get 12 Issues a year of the country's best firearms writing. The pouch is exceptionally well built and well made. Best Remington 870 Models & Upgrades: 5 Builds, Admittedly the Tac 14s handle differently, and they’ve had their, Without question, the Surefire DSF 870 is expensive but worth, There are lots of options for slings out there, but I am a diehard fan of the always awesome, If you own a TAC 14, or even a Shockwave, then, What do you folks think about the Remington classic? It’s the perfect compromise for the Remington 870. If you can master the technique and rhythm, you’ll have no issues with a Remington 870. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google So this is a long answer but I hope it works. Crimson Trace LS-870 Lasersaddle Red Laser Sight for 12-ga. Remington 870 & Tac-14 Shotguns Non-Member $158.95 Club Pricing Applied at Checkout! Rounds slide into the magazine tube easily and click into place with a very audible sound. It shrinks and grows in an instant. The TAC 14 is not a shotgun and cannot use stock, but they can utilize a brace. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. Choose Your Own Features I am looking for a recoil absorbing stock for my Remington 870 Express. We provide your choice of the Remington Tac-14 or Mossberg Shockwave shotgun, apply the Full Mod Pack and ship it to your local gun dealer for you to pick up. Placement of the slide lock release is forward of the trigger guard and is also very easy to reach with the trigger finger to release it. We provide your choice of the Remington Tac-14 or Mossberg Shockwave shotgun, apply the Full Mod Pack and ship it to your local gun dealer for you to pick up. GG&G has also put together a Super Brace Kit for the TAC-14 Shotgun. Everything moves, clicks, and slides with a degree of smoothness you don’t see in a lot of guns. The classic lines of the pump action shotgun combined with a deep blue finish and beautiful American Walnut makes everything else seem a little cheap. The TAC-14 weighs in at about at 4.5 pounds. As a big shotgun fan, I try out a ton of shotgun based kit from ways to carry ammo to direct customization of my guns.

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