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Black, of course, will cover most anything, and even the slightest overspray will shade nearby colors. With the undersides painted and masked, I moved on to the upper camo.

Portland Stone, 4B0 Green, the new and old shades of IDF sand,  I need big time, and are not commonly found by any paint line. Our community is FREE to join. View our, Tools, Techniques, and Reference Materials.

I’d then allow that to dry for roughly the same period, and repeat the process.

This would do two things.

And in my experience, their paint airbrushes a little better than the Mission Models paints. After about 15 minutes, I’d use a new #11 blade in my knife to carefully slice the decal along the panel lines, and apply more Solvaset. Home What's New Features & Reviews Model Kit Top Gun Subject & Color Refs Search About Us. Allowing the paint to dry for several hours, I next masked off the camo pattern using Tamiya tape. The area I called my “workshop” growing up was a storage room that ran along one side of our carport.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This allows a final section to be placed flush up to the edge of the roundel, and any excess can be laid over the wingwalk strip already in place. “Be careful with XF4 as even a little too much will throw this colour far too green. Trumpeter’s 1/48 L-39ZA: Who Was That Masking Man?
By the next morning, all was dry and generally snuggled down. bottle of the Tamiya Acrylic Paint Series contains 23ml of paint. Of course, I didn’t know about all of that. The kit offers three options – one with the aluminum lacquer undersides, one with the white/black wing split over aluminum lacquer, and another in the more familiar Sky color. If you know of another combination and would like to see it added, please get in touch! I was just so jazzed to see all their Russian and British armor colors.

But when it came to math, I couldn’t fake it.

On To The Green. Tamiya have recently issued paints for the late war RAF Day Fighter Scheme, so XF-81 RAF Dark Green takes care of the green part of the Temperate Land Scheme used in the Battle of Britain. Desert Pink needs of a definite pale pink appearance. Your email address will not be published.

Tamiya Acrylic Paints are made from water-soluble acrylic resins and are excellent for either brush or, spray painting.

... XF-83 Med Sea Gray 2 RAF Tamiya Paints 80383 10ml + Stash.

“A tweak more XF3 is not bad.”, 5pts XF61 + 2pts XF62 + 2pts XF3. It’s a great silver color to work with, as it sprays great from the can, or it can be decanted and airbrushed, going down very nicely. (Essential cookies are for: preferences, security, performance analytics and contextual advertising), 87140 Panel Line Accent Color (Dark Brown), 87189 Panel Line Accent Color (Light Gray), 87199 Panel Line Accent Color (Dark Gray), 87199 Panel Line Accent Color (Dark Grey), 87108 Diorama Texture Paint - Soil Effect - Brown, 87109 Diorama Texture Paint - Soil Effect - Dark Earth, 87110 Diorama Texture Paint - Grit Effect - Light Sand, 87111 Diorama Texture Paint - Grass Effect - Green, 87115 Diorama Texture Paint - Pavement Effect - Dark Grey, 87116 Diorama Texture Paint - Pavement Effect - Light Grey, 87117 Diorama Texture Paint - Grass Effect - Khaki, 87119 Diorama Texture Paint - Snow Effect - White, 87120 Diorama Texture Paint - Powder Snow Effect - White, 87121 Diorama Texture Paint - Soil Effect - Dark Earth, MS-9 Fluorescent Orange Mini4wdSprayPaint, MS-10 Fluorescent Yellow Mini4wdSprayPaint, 87079 Weathering Master A set - Sand, Light Sand, Mud, 87080 Weathering Master B set - Snow, Soot, Rust, 87085 Weathering Master C set - Orange rust, Gun Metal, Silver, 87088 Weathering Master D set - Burnt Blue, Burnt Red, Oil Stain, 87098 Weathering Master E set - Yellow, Grey, Green, 87123 Weathering Master F set - Titanium, Light Gun Metal, Copper, 87126 Weathering Master G set - Salmon, Caramel, Chestnut, 87127 Weathering Master H set - Pale Orange, Ivory, Peach, 89969 Tamiya Weathering Master for WWII U.S. Navy Aircraft.
Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Is there some kind of mixing formula out there to achieve the proper colors from normal Tamiya paints, like XF-10 flat brown , buff etc.

Which one it is I can’t recall, but I do know if you get it wrong, you’ll pretty much fail all the tests. The result, when dry, was a thick skin of light blue. Testing AK Interactive's Weathering Pencils, Basic Modeling Skills: Applying Waterslide Decals. While I’d seen in a video that AK had released that Real Color paints were compatible with other lacquer thinners, I like to try new paints with the recommended thinner, so I can be sure and understand how it works. Notice: The appearance of U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Defense, or NASA imagery or art does not constitute an endorsement nor is Cybermodeler Online affiliated with these organizations.

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. But perhaps the biggest selling point is that they are forgiving. When I began applying some of my dad’s paint to the model, I was a bit horrified. Celebrating 21 years of hobby news and reviews.

A distressing coat was added using highly thinned XF-63 German Gray, to break up the uniformity of the flat black.

Once you moved beyond the multiplication tables up to 12×12, I was lost. Which prompts a letter home to your parents. While silver and gray are different, of course, in terms of what was underneath the white, it would show about the same. Proper order of operations achieved.

Real Colors are equally forgiving, being quite happy at slightly thick consistency, yet working nicely all the way down to very thin consistency.

I will have to give the AK lacquers a go from your recommendation! Enamel . They are, in my opinion, a superior paint.

Metallic. I’ve never been a huge fan of Tamiya decals. 3461 mates are fan of these paints from Tamiya Paints.

This list is organized by paint ID number. As it dries very fast, I fairly quickly masked off the silver areas in preparation for the white. As long as it was not so heavy as to cause drips and runs, the paint leveled wonderfully and resulted in a very smooth finish.

I’ve done it several times on Maschinen Krieger kits – with AK even – but on an aircraft I can see how it would produce a less than optimal finish.

And I’m double happy with how AK Interactive’s Real Color paints have performed in applying the upper camo finish.

Thanks for your consideration!

Enamel . Not every brand are the same. You either do all the addition first, or all the multiplying. The following is an incomplete list, and I did not retain hyperlinks to the original discussions. To this day I can’t remember it. I’d like to say a special “THANK YOU” to the wonderful people who support me on Patreon at the Monkey Fanatic level! Dad had set up a little workdesk for me.

I start applying them away from the roundel. I looked around at my other paints, hoping I had some blue and white to mix. BS 638/641. Though I was generally OK with the colors, the ease of application and cleanup sometimes left me a little frustrated.

BS 638/641 (early, semigloss) /627 . Royal Air Force Camouflage Schemes F3. I found that I liked the smaller nozzle much better. I even had a few rattle cans, as I’d learned how to get those sprayed on fairly smooth. But that is for if somebody already uses or wants to start using that paint line... F is for FIRE, That burns down the whole town! I had a request to collect the Tamiya mixes for British WW2 colours, so here goes. I usually build US aircraft but I'm building a 1/32 AVG P-40B and I understand that these aircraft were painted with the RAF color camo. Apparently I wrote this up as a draft, but since I felt I never completed it, I didn’t post it. They went down very smooth, cleaned up easily, resulted in a very smooth and durable finish, and the airbrush cleanup was the smoothest and easiest I’ve ever experienced. * Whilst every effort is made to provide the most accurate color matching possible we cannot be held responsible for any, inconsistencies that may arise.

Convert these colors to Testors Model Master, Humbrol, FS595, Vallejo, XtraColor, Revell using the. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I wanted to start painting the undersides, as is required by Intergalactic Peace Treaty. ( Log Out /  Then carefully holding the stir stick over the bottle, I let paint drain off until I now had a full bottle of paint. Harrier GR.5/7 . While it had been primed in gray, hints of the underside colors poked through here and there. I started by adding the Dark Earth color.

XF-85 Rubber Black Tamiya USA Featured Items Paint & Finishing Products Painting is one of the most important steps in the model-making process, and quality coloring is made easy using Tamiya paint and finishing materials!

? But I was out of blue also…. I then inspected the decals for panel lines that stil weren’t quite right, and where needed, used the hobby blade and Solvaset combo one more time. All conversions should be treated as, approximations only, all monitors are different, calibrated monitors will be more accurate but there is no guarantee as to the. I will try to correct this in the future. However, it must not have helped much, as the scheme didn’t last too long. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

Apparently I wrote this up as a draft, but since I felt I never completed it, I didn't post it. So You Want To Do Commission Build Models. Upper surface: Barley Grey (BS4800.18B.21) now known as Camouflage Grey (BSC381C:626) (satin) Undersides: Light Grey (BSC381C:627) (satin) In the end, I actually peeled away all of that thick paint from my model built in the carport.

Each bottle of the Tamiya Acrylic Paint Series contains 23ml of paint.

Opening  up my bottle of light blue paint, I discovered it was dried up. Mission Models paints are good, but not the end all, be all. The paint, covers well, flows smoothly with no blushing or, fading, and can be blended easily. And if I needed to “reset” the surface for additional colors with more primer, that would be easy.

And multiple shades of OD and IDF sand, that I keyed in on on those on their display rack. After it looked appropriately agitated, I grabbed my dried up jar of light blue. If you know of another combination and… If you’d like to join them, find out how on my Patreon page.

Once I’d done that, the model was set aside to dry overnight. Buccaneer S.2B, Hawk The work area looked much like any modelers work space – paints, glue, brushes, thinner, and a work surface covered in all manner of paint splotches. TY Blacksheep but my whole point was not to have to buy special colors and use/mix what i have, but the mission models paints sound the way to go if I hafta buy the RAF colors. That has always been a key point for me with Tamiya – just thin it and go.

I’ve found the trick to getting them on nicely is patience, a sharp hobby blade, and loads of Solvaset decal softener. Tamiya manufactures a popular range of fine acrylic model paints.

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