Swipe in from the right edge of the screen (if you're using a mouse, press Windows logo key+C keys), and then tap or click Search. I literally just got this and can't debug, using AVR dragon on JTAG, wtf, resetting firmware and or power cycling will not resolve this, only way to fix it is to restart AVR studio. Broadband RF/IF & Digital Radio Symptom: DSPLink sample applications run correctly, but when I run my application, PROC_start hangs or fails. Have you tried temporarily disabling AV? Symptom: PROC_setup failed with DSP_ECONFIG error. High-Reliability TCF (TCF command: Tool:connect failed.) Some Internet security and privacy applications have features that block cookies. Recheck the system heap size configuration. Mai 2012 20:12 >> >> To: TCF Development >> >> Subject: Re: [tcf-dev] TCF repository doesn't seem to be working all of a sudden >> >> >> >> Hi Martin, >> >> >> >> > I would prefer using repos by their version numbers >> >> >> >> I agree, but I'm concerned that repository names are public, and changing them will upset >> everybody >> >> who use them in Eclipse, build scripts, etc. Name. If you are debugging PS+PL design and have the Reset Entire System option in the debug configuration, perform program FPGA when the debugger stops at application main(). Use Remote ARM Linux Application configuration to debug Linux Applications. Possible cause: The memory being used for memory entries is not configured. I was then able to program the microcontroller like usual. DSPLink is a configurable software, provided with full source code and an associated build and configuration system. The 2 green LED is ON, and the red power LED is on. The actual changes to ensure correct memory map need to be made as mentioned at this page. Possible cause: mem argument in bootargs is wrong. Since the most common changes are memory entry settings and pool size mismatch, verify those first. In the above example, DSPLink was built with 2.6.10 kernel and the target is running 2.6.23 kernel. Explanation: The above print indicates that all modules except DATA were successfully initialized with status 0 (DSP-side SYS_OK code). ... a given field is only decoded during respective TCString#get function application. Use Xilinx Standard debugger to debug the MicroBlaze applications. Also remember to keep Atmel Studio up to date, as improvements in the memory consumption usually comes with each release, (yes, I work for Atmel, yes, I do this in my spare time, now stop sending PMs). The workaround for this issue is to wait for four seconds after debugging, then try deleting the application.. Use Xilinx C/C++ Debugger (GDB) debugger to profile the Standalone applications. Try using a different serial adapter cable...some cheap ones are unreliable or have their counterfeit chips blocked once it has been detected. This indicates error value SYS_EALLOC. With my project, when the backend agent (atbackend.exe) goes over 1GB of memory a message prompt appear saying : Failed to launch program. IMPORTANT: Wherever the DSPLink configuration file $(DSPLINK)/config/all/CFG_.c is mentioned, if DSPLink is used within Codec Engine, the method of configuration is different, and modifying the default configuration file within DSPLink will not have any impact. Change the reset type to System Reset in Target Setup tab of debug configuration, as shown below. If you never plugin the digilent cable, you can run into this issue. Actual expectation for modules is: DRV, IPS, POOL, MPCS, MPLIST, MQT, DATA, RINGIO. Logic It is recommended to download any files or other content you may need that are hosted on processors.wiki.ti.com. So its seems like i have an hardware problem of some sort. In such case, the DSP-side would hang, polling for GPP-side POOL/DATA/MSGQ configuration, and hence cause this failure. DSP Link is still available for download, but no further releases or updates are planned. Possible cause: This must be a configuration issue. WinHttpRequestReponse failed with a non-recoverable failure, 0x80090305 ccmsetup 3/8/2018 12:52:59 PM 4116 (0x1014) Hover the mouse on the global variable to see the value of the global variable. Unknown client deployment failure :1. Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help. I experienced the same error on another STK board yesterday which i'm not longer able to use, so therefor i borrowed this one from a friend. Set required size for .args section in DSP. This implies that there was some generic issue in running the DSP. Possible cause 1: DSP has not been loaded correctly, and hence is not executing correctly to reach the point where the driver completes the handshake. NOTICE: The Processors Wiki will End-of-Life in December of 2020. Overview. 26: 0 INTC DspBridge mailbox Some styles failed to load. Possible cause: This error indicates that the DSP memory map does not match the memory map specified within DSPLink configuration file $(DSPLINK)/config/all/CFG_.c. Check the DSP-side TCF file or MAP file to see if any DSP-side code/data sections are falling outside of the range specified within DSPLink configuration. and others with 0xffffffff, Problem: Scaling out some modules resulted in PROC_start hang or failure with configuration mismatch/failure showing some modules with 0 and others with 0xffffffff, Problem: DSPLink samples run fine, but my application does not, Problem: Getting error when inserting DSPLink module dsplinkk.ko on Linux, Problem: Getting error when running sample applications on Linux, Problem: Scripts are not executed correctly, parts of strings go mysteriously missing. If you don't see any problem with this, it means that basic scalability is working fine in DSPLink and the specific problem is with your application build, which needs to be debugged further. I made a few changes to my program which i was going to program on to the AVR chip. Failed to delete the ccmsetup service : 1. Failed to load latest commit information. Possible cause 2: mknod was called but still this error occurs. Mai 2012 20:12 > To: TCF Development > Subject: Re: [tcf-dev] TCF repository doesn't seem to be working all of a sudden > > Hi Martin, > > > I would prefer using repos by their version numbers > > I agree, but I'm concerned that repository names are public, and changing them will upset everybody > who use them in Eclipse, build scripts, etc. Atmel support say : This was once bug and has already been fixed (see ‘Issue #AVRSV-3626’ in http://www.atmel.com/Images/AStu...), but in fact this bug isn't really fixed. - ka7ehk, "If you want a career with a known path - become an undertaker. Latest commit message. Symptom: PROC_attach failed with DSP_EFAIL error Possible cause: DSP_EFAIL is a very common error. Application Performance Management IT Asset Management Database Management Network Monitoring Help Desk Issue Tracking DevOps Compliance Remote Desktop Remote Support. The crash dump shows only Linux functions and no DSPLink functions E.g. This issue occurs in some scenarios. Even though the script looks perfect in a text editor, it doesn't execute properly. The extension that is embedded in the program is .exe. I also tried to restart my PC. SYS_OK. It worked fine earlier today. Check that the components selected for both GPP and DSP-side builds are identical. Ensure that the DSPLink configuration for both GPP and DSP-side matches. NOTE:When scalability is reduced such that only PROC, POOL, NOTIFY, MPCS are used, HLOS-side PROC_start will not wait till DSP-side calls DSPLINK_init. I have the same problem with Studio 6 and AVROne. Internally a breakpoint/watchpoint planted by user is treated as Hardware breakpoints in System Debugger (TCF). Check the documentation that came with your software or visit the software provider's support site, to see if your application includes a cookie … Use Xilinx Standard debugger to profile the Standalone applications. For example, mpcsxfer application can be run with scalability configuration --comps=pons while running the dsplinkcfg script, since it does not use MSGQ, RingIO or DATA, and only uses PROC (p), POOL (o), NOTIFY (n) and MPCS (s). 28: 0 INTC DspBridge iommu fault - Kartman, "Why is there a "Highway to Hell" and only a "Stairway to Heaven"? Failed to check url In the above, DATA is missing, indicating that DSP-side was built with CHNL enabled, and GPP-side was built with CHNL disabled. HAd you mentioned that you were trying to communicate with an STK500 without an AVR in it, it could have helped. Possible cause 2: If you are using DSPLink within Codec Engine, the steps to be taken for modifying memory map are different. Use the Remote ARM Linux Application configuration to debug Linux Applications. I also tried to measure the voltage on the 2 voltage regulators, which seems to be working just fine. This file gets overwritten by Codec Engine, which provides a dynamic configuration to DSPLink. From DSPLink v1.4x.xx onwards, this can be easily seen through component initialization information printed out on failure. Accessing the URL 'HTTPS://VRPSCCMMS03.ad:443/CCM_Client/ccmsetup.cab' failed with 80090305 ccmsetup 3/8/2018 12:52:59 PM 4116 (0x1014). Data Converters, DLP & MEMS If you have feedback for TechNet Subscriber Support, contact tnmff@microsoft.com. NOTIFY is alwasy included and gets initialized automatically. Try to lower the debug level to -g2 or -g1 to make the memory impact on the backend smaller.

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