Hi fellow Terrarians I have a quick question. According to Mac, they stopped supporting 32-bit apps on the Catalina version, and since Terraria is 32-bit, it shouldn't work on my computer. The Terraria version for macOS, is it 64-Bit, because once I tried to play it on macOS 10.15 Catalina, I got a pop-up, saying that this game is not 64-bit, however that was a while ago. The fact that Catalina only runs 64-bit software does not mean that you can’t download a 32-bit program under it. Because (atleast for me) i enjoy the operating system compared to windows 10's mess. My macbook is also the only computer i have, so even if i wanted to switch, it would be difficult. Why would anyone game on a mac though? Thank you.

Is it 64-bit now? JKtheDovahkiin

I play Terraria on Mac and just got a new MacBook Air today that's upgraded to OS 10.15.3, or Catalina. As with any version of OS X, you can download whatever you want while using it. I just updated to Catalina and installed Terraria.

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