Amazing pets, epic battles and math practice. Terromite (evolves from) He and Waspinator later attempted to catch up with Blackarachnia on the island, but she tricked them into firing, so that the island's defenses took them out. while turning a ghostly white. It wasn't so funny a deca-cycle later, as Gnastheeth had found a way to ruin Thunderhoof's criminal enterprises by framing him for the murder of the Builder Double Punch. Terrorsaur bio, Not only did the quantum surge resulting from the destructicon of an "alien planetary destruction device" enhance Terrorsaur physically, but it had also pushed his destructive tendencies to new heights. Terrosaur is a fire element pet in Prodigy. Dark Voyage, After Waspinator was possessed by the spark of Starscream, the Predacons attacked the Axalon. Unfortunately, even blinded, the Maximals were able to fight them off. Over the next few years, Terrorsaur served as a loyal second-in-command for his new boss as the Grand Uprising began and threw Cybertron into chaos. Max Health Suddenly, either Waspinator or Terrorsaur shot them, causing them to split and fall down. He settled on Darksyde, though Megatron agreed that the loser's suggested name, Buzzerbot, would have been more desirable. He was still recovering when news of Tarantulas' disappearance came around. When he returned to the Predacon base, he discovered that Megatron had been repaired in his absence and was very, very angry. Each character possessed an alternate ending, displayed if the game was beaten with said character. A Better Mousetrap After Scorponok's Cyberbee turned Primal into a berserker and he invaded the Darksyde, Terrorsaur and Blackarachnia attempted to keep the other Maximals out of the Predacon base. Evolve Terromite Buy for 20,000 Coins (Members-Only) After the whole sorry affair was over, Terrorsaur attempted to explain to his less-than-receptive leader. Coolmath Games is a brain-training site, for everyone, where logic & thinking & math meets fun & games. Later, Terrorsaur spotted Rattrap in Sector 12 and had him outmatched. Before the Storm, Terrorsaur was one of the Predacons who turned up at the alien bungalow. The Web When an energon accident caused Cheetor to be teleported into the Predacon base, Terrorsaur gave him a warm welcome. His squadron attacked Tigatron when he approached them to broker peace between the two factions. He was renamed "Terrorsaur". To top it all off, he possessed a pyromania that he satisfied by igniting the terrain as he flew above it. Despite this, even after a disembodied Starscream himself appeared among the Predacons, the parallels between the two were never acknowledged. EX, Following a merger with the Decepticon Headmaster faction, Terrorsaur made his move, reaching out to Scourge and the Sweeps with an offer to build them transtectors in exchange for capturing Alpha Trion. The gambit paid off when Leatherhide proved able to successfully hybridize Cybertronians with mechanimals, creating Formikon as the first Transformer to have undergone the "Beast Upgrade." Yokohama Decepticon Secret Base. Once there, they managed to surround their targets, only for Silverbolt, Ironhide, Prowl, Unit-3, and Tigatron (who had caught up to them) to combine into Magnaboss and strike back. Fire 8320 He attacked Optimus Primal alongside several other zombies, but was destroyed for good by Primal's rocket-fists. They were seen off by one of Primal's missiles, but rejoined the other Predacons and took part in the battle atop the mountain of energon. While being the last to leave, he had the misfortune of having his tail literally toasted by a hiccup blast from Rhinox. Terromite resembles a young T-rex, with tannish-brown skin, bones on its back. The Terrorsaur of Primax 1103.12-R Gamma was one of the many Cybertronians kidnapped from his universe by Unicron and held in the Cauldron. He was able to bring the ship's shields down, but Rattrap managed to raise the shields again, as well as blasting Terrorsaur out of the air. Terrorsaur took part in the first battle, until the Maximals retreated and the Predacons started suffering from Energon buildup. Then the ice age came around, and froze the entirety of the Predacon forces. Fire in the Dark, Terrorsaur attended the Transformers Celebration 2014. Terrorsaur subsequently joined the hybrid "Waspscream"'s successful coup against Megatron. Megatron, having freed himself, deferred leadership until it was made plain that Terrorsaur was incompetent as leader. Terrorsaur found himself acting as Rattrap's transport at a blaster's edge, temporarily at least. This gave Tarantulas the chance to shoot Rhinox with an energon discharge virus. Although Waspinator was quickly defeated, Terrorsaur blasted Cheetor and proceeded to the pod, only to encounter the newly awakened Airazor, who blasted him to pieces. After having Rattrap and Megatron both locked up (the former to be released in case he was needed later), Terrorsaur took control of the Predacons once more. Dyno Dig Oasis Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It has gray feet with hazel claws. Terrorsaur immediately proposed that the company sell this kind of cuteness, which they did with "Nightbird Maskless Version". When Starscream was subsequently given command of the Maximal ship, Terrorsaur complained about the Decepticon getting promoted, but was swiftly silenced by Megatron. It appears to be covered in feathers, hinted by their legs, in which the feathers end at the ankles. No one seemed to notice or care. Together we'll overthrow these low-grade metal knock-offs you've joined, and then rule the Predacons with two iron fists! After making the Maximals believe they'd been destroyed, the Predacons hid in a crevasse until the Axalon was made operational, intending to take the ship themselves. In the final days of the Grand Uprising, the Vehicon Apocalypse ravaged Iacon; from their new base, Terrorsaur and the other Darksyders helped to repel the Vehicons as they threatened to overrun their position. Terrosaur resembles a T-rex with its body being light olive in color, with the exception of its head, and beige underbelly. Terrorsaur showed woeful disappointment in this turn of events. Max Health Sign up today! Rarity Buzz Buzz Buzz, Wasps Flyyy, During a work day, Terrorsaur, Scorponok, and Waspinator admired Slipstream's and Blackarachnia's looks, but their attentions quickly switched to Nightbird when she took off her mask. NOTHING CAN STOP US! On top of it all, he was an absolute glutton, dev… Though the Tripredacus Council sought to let hostilities between the Autobots and the Decepticons die out after Optimus Prime and Galvatron both fell in combat, Megatron had more aggressive plans. Derailment, Upon arriving on "Planet Energon," the dangers of Energon radiation forced the six surviving Maximals and their Predacon adversaries to take on beast alternate forms. On the way, they found and attacked Optimus Primal and Rattrap. It has ivory white spikes that resembled spine bones on its shoulders to the middle of the tail. Terrorsaur attempted to stop Primal from escaping, only to get a face full of monkey fist. Terrorsaur thus has the next hundred thousand years to contemplate his fate, as he remains encased in an icy prison. It has a small horn on top of its mouth. Finding the Maximal Silverbolt already there, the trio overpowered the Maximal. Shell Game #1, Terrorsaur served under Megatron at the tail-end of the Great War. After overthrowing Megatron, Obsidian used increasingly barbarous tactics against the anti-Vehicon forces: Silverbolt and Terrorsaur died screaming at his command. "The front claws of a Terrosaur are so incredibly sharp, though often useless, as their arms are so short.". Beast Wars Official Guidebook, Terrorsaur was witness to NAVI-ko being sent through transwarp to acquire Nemesis Prime for the Predacon forces. Later, the trio successfully defeated Dinobot, but their victory was short-lived, as Optimus turned up and blew Terrorsaur and Waspinator away. Little did he know that Rattrap's "defection" was planned by Optimus Primal from the start to infiltrate the Darksyde and retrieve a Maximal computer chip from the Predacon console; the Predacons were deprived a strategic advantage, right under Terrorsaur's nose. Location(s) Found He momentarily found himself at a loss when the Maximals attacked and the other Predacons looked to him for leadership. Terrorsaur and the launching pad were handled with by Airazor. Gorilla Warfare, When Scorponok spotted the Maximals building a communications array, he passed footage of the device to Terrorsaur, who flew it back to Megatron. Think of the cosmic magnificence. As he was about to finish his adversary, he instead became intrigued by the Maximal's sudden change of allegiance. Possession Later, Terrorsaur, Inferno, and Waspinator served as a distraction while attacking the Axalon from the air. The process was imperfect, and after Terrorsaur procured a "volunteer" for one of the fatal experiments it turned out that Terrorsaur had unwittingly picked up a member of the Predacon Secret Police who had been tailing the illegal activities of the Darksiders. Beast Wars (Part 2), Much later, Terrorsaur and Scorponok were assigned to install a mega-cannon as part of the defences for the Predacon base. The head is that the head has an orange, flame-like mane on the back of its head. Decepticon Civil War. Under his leadership, the Maximals were beaten into submission, and the Predacons took control over them. Together, they teamed up with the Maximal and overthrew Megatron. At one point, he witnessed Megatron break Waspinator into pieces for talking about Transformers instead of doing his job. 8320. Bonus Edition Vol. Its name is made from the words "terror", meaning maybe this pet is scary, and "saur", as in "dinosaur". Finally, Terrorsaur and Blackarachnia agreed that Primal would never discover them in time; they were right on that aspect, at least, because Tigatron found them instead. 26 After Decepticon Tera-Kura acquired Metroplex as their base, Terrorsaur laughed smugly at the previous Autobot owners. The two Predacons reached the pod first, but a transmission sent by Primal and Dinobot had already activated the protoform, and they were attacked by Tigatron. Information Aftermath, Terrorsaurer was upgraded by Megatron into a gaudy purple body that increased his speed and evasion. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/08/16, Having survived the quantum surge, Terrorsaur was upgraded into a Transmetal. As they were being pushed back, the Tripredacus Council arrived on the scene, and surrendered to the Autobots on behalf of all Decepticons, ending the war. Duel Fight Transformers Beast Wars, Terrorsaur, along with Blackarachnia and Waspinator, arrived at the crash site of a large stasis pod marked with a red "X". Metals Terrorsaurer bio, Terrorsaur was one of the original members of Megatron's crew. When remaining in their beast modes drove the sleep-deprived Maximals to be overcome by their beast instincts, the Predacons hunted them through the jungle, at least until the Maximals were able to regain control and fight back. There is a world, Dynocore, that is named after Terromite. Terrorsaur apparently knows how to disarm a bomb (if he has enough time), since in ", As Terrorsaur was dying in lava, his hand was briefly seen glowing, indicating that Terrorsaur was going through, Incidentally, the original plan for Season 2 of Beast Wars had Terrorsaur survive and become a Transmetal; however, the popularity of, Terrorsaur's CGI model in "Theft of the Golden Disk" is a virtual redeco of, Terrorsaur is the first known contributor to the plight of the. Its h… It also has black claws on its hands, and white claws on its feet. Rarity Terrorsaur was one of the last members of Megatron's inner retinue to undergo the process, but, after Leatherhide forcibly shoved the fearful Predacon into the machine, Terrorsaur safely emerged, pleased by his new beast mode.

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