Where to watch: Youtube. "Nanao-chaaaan~ How'd you know I was hereee?!" Like in Aunt's house, there is only Little Dough. Your review has been posted. Although there will be troubles later, since Donghua Dijun modified Feng Jiu's memory of what happened in Aranya's Dream so she won't know that he had tricked her. But at the end, which is where the novel starts, Feng Jiu decides that their love has no fate and will never blossom. "Are you alright? He continued, "Even though I have a decent impression of Zhi He, she dances quite well, but if we compare beauty and aura, Feng Jiu is far beyond Zhi He." This blog will be dedicated to Chinese novels ("C-novels"). Thank you!!!! Of course Dijun will complete it perfectly, but if I relied on Dijun for everything, I will never improve. After Feng Jiu had personally taken over her Aunt's position, and inherited the Throne of QingQiu, in these two hundred years, half was spent on studying and the other half was spent on crafting the heavenly weapon. This chapter comes at the later part of the book, after Donghua Dijun saves Feng Jiu from Aranya's Dream - basically, a dream landscape where Feng Jiu got trapped when she was trying to steal a special fruit which will allow her to give a heavenly body to a mortal soul she owes a debt to. Also, I just realised that while this might be one of the most read entries on my blog, you are the first to comment haha! On quiet nights like this, Glynda spent time with her secret husband, Jaune Arcwitch. Hi little peach, I saw the drama and felt so dissapointed at the ending, I absolutely loved the couple of feng jiu and Dijun, but they didn't end up together in the drama, do they end up together in the book? Her Aunt was the one who brought her up to JiuChongTian, but she was kidnapped by Donghua Dijun halfway with no sound or message for days. Ye Hua put down his paintbrush, "Ah, it really is quite pitiful. If they don't play with me, what would I do! She looked around, everything had changed. ", Dong Hua raised his eyebrow, "Are you drunk? What a beautiful chapter! I hope you guys like it. The feeling of him in this position between her legs wasn't uncomfortable either, it was actually quite nice. Glynda remembered her first reaction to the predicament: she threw Jaune into a wall and used her semblance to force choke him. Just the presence of one another was enough for them. I am very disappointed that there aren't that many fanfictions out here. It hurt to watch the Little Highness stumble again and again as she was continually let down. ", They had just reached the palace entrance, Lian Song Jun raised his fan and laughed, "Even though the bet is equal, but thinking of your situation, it is better if I win." I got the idea for it after seeing the now cover image on discord and the common consensus was "I want my head between those thighs". ", Dijun calmly said, "I feel that no matter how angry I make you, you should not kick me out. Actually, the Fox Hole that Aunt left behind, I am not used to living... and I always wanted to build a small Bamboo building outside the Bamboo forest. After visiting her aunt, she will go to XieGuZhou and retrieve Ye Qingti''s soul. I've been dreamily re-reading Chapter 18 of Three Lives Three Worlds, the Pillow Book again and again! How many rooms should we build? Si Ming frowned. Her mind honestly thought this was going somewhere that would lead to the bedroom… not like they haven't done that before. Since she had already enjoyed his voice, she pulled the candle closer and said, "I couldn't sleep after finishing the scabbard so I looked at the plans of the Bamboo building.

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