But what would a classic Trump response be without a classy little dig, and this time, Chipotle was on the receiving end. Barrack has also made some critical remarks about Trump’s performance in office and said in Trump’s first year that his friend was “better than this” (referring to Trump’s rhetoric toward Muslims and immigrants), and that he was “shocked” and “stunned” by some of the remarks. “The president was really surprised to read all about the inauguration and who was trying to buy access and how, because the president doesn’t get any of that money,” said the official. "Donald Trump abused Adderall on the set & it made him crazy. Literally, he would stick his little freaking doll fingers in their mouth and look at their teeth," Casler said. Mark Burnett knew it. We're tracking real-time election results by county and district. Federal prosecutors have probed whether Barrack or other people violated laws requiring public disclosure of efforts to influence national policy or public opinion on behalf of foreign governments or entities, strictures that Manafort, former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn and former deputy campaign manager Rick Gates have all said they violated. Ben Schreckinger and Ben White contributed reporting. It's scary," he wrote in a tweet, accusing The Apprentice creator of knowing that the president took the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drug. During a set earlier this month, Casler said that Trump snorted crushed-up Adderall and called the commander-in-chief a "speed freak." Most surprising of all was Trump’s defense of his fried-food habit. A number of former workers on The Apprentice have previously criticized Trump. He even snorted Adderall. Arnold has previously spoken out against Trump and Burnett. See why nearly a quarter of a million subscribers begin their day with the Starting 5. You can unsubscribe at any time and you can contact us here. Barrack’s spokesman said that Barrack has fully cooperated with the investigation and that his counsel reached out to the Justice Department, which the spokesman said had confirmed that it had no further questions for Barrack. “He was just kind of scattered all over,” the person added. (Trump read with interest the Wall Street Journal article on the report, according to the senior administration official.) Kenyan Latest news. Just as the president has worked 24/7 to lead the strongest economy in the last 50 years, Mr. Barrack also has a 24/7 responsibility leading a business he created 26 years ago.”. "I worked on a bunch of those beauty pageants he had in the '90s, too. Do they not make it? Early in Trump’s presidency, Barrack brought Gates to the White House several times and also kept paying him even after Trump urged his friend to fire Gates because he was “bad luck” and “a bad penny” who wouldn’t go away, according to the senior administration official. In July, the New York Times reported that the public integrity unit of the U.S. Attorney’s office in Brooklyn was investigating whether Barrack violated laws requiring lobbyists to register when they work for foreign interests, though he has not been accused of any wrongdoing. "I didn't know that he was becoming president. McDonald's, chocolate ice cream and girls that look like Ivanka are all he ever eats. “Trump improbably wins and they’re like, ‘Holy crap, I better send a check.’ They send a check to the inauguration and are like, ‘Look at me, six- or seven-figure check, I’m involved, I support your presidency,’” this person said.

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