When attempting to optimize the execution time of a workload, we need to be able to reliably measure the time a certain workload takes. This section covers the built-in UE4 profiling tools. This guide will use D3D12 for its examples. Our one-stop resource for getting great RDNA performance on Vulkan® and DirectX®12 APIs! Whether that potential can be manifest depends entirely on why we’re failing to realize 64 threads per wavefront. In the editor, you can check in Edit->Project Settings...->Engine –>General Settings->Framerate As mentioned earlier, this version of the guide is focused on the GPU, so we will now discuss how to determine where the GPU’s time is being spent. In your case, I suspect it will actually be =1 currently. In a Renderdoc capture of this scene, searching the Event Browser for FilterTranslucentVolume directly transports us to the Renderdoc representation of the targeted event. file, so that UE4’s live GPU profiler ( stat GPU This feature is available since 4.13. If the average overdraw (marked by OD in the color ramp) stays at high values for most of your application then further optimization may be required. By following users and tags, you can catch up information on technical fields that you are interested in as a whole, By "stocking" the articles you like, you can search right away. Below is an example of using these arguments with a Test build of the Infiltrator demo. I remember this being greyed out in an older build of 4.22 so I figured that they had added support for the fallback method that Direct X enables when you don't have a DXR compatible graphics device. Starting on 4.11 we added the feature for ShaderCompileWorker (SCW) to be able to debug the call to the platform compiler; the command line is: PathToGeneratedUsfFile -directcompile -format=ShaderFormat -ShaderType -entry=EntryPoint {plus platform specific switches}, For example, D:\UE4\Samples\Games\TappyChicken\Saved\ShaderDebugInfo\PCD3D_SM5\M_Egg\LocalVF\BPPSFNoLMPolicy\BasePassPixelShader.usf -format=PCD3D_SM5 -ps -entry=Main. It is disabled by default starting in UE4.24, but it is good to double check. These teams frequently use many of the methodologies presented in this document while evaluating UE4 products. Once way to do this is with the -novsync Open the "xxxxEngine.ini" files and search for "r.Ray" to quickly find it if it's there. I have another problem. We also see a hint here that our theorized improvement to cache utilization may have borne fruit. Press J to jump to the feed. Most GPUs have a default power management system that switches to a lower clock frequency when idle to save power. The life cycle of this optimization begins while evaluating a Radeon GPU Profiler (RGP) trace of Unreal Engine running on DX12. Inspection of the source files associated with each stage of this pipeline demonstrates that this event is reading pixels from a 64x64x64 3D texture and averaging the results into another 64x64x64 3D texture, one slice at a time. UE4 calculates scene visibility to cull objects that will not appear in the final image of the frame. On your ConsoleVariables.ini file (usually located at Engine/Config/ConsoleVariables.ini), enable these cvars: By default, UnrealBuildTool (UBT) will generate projects for tools to always compile in Development. Here we can see a total of 262,144 unique pixel shader invocations, which aligns with our expectations from inspecting the event in Renderdoc: every pixel in a 64x64x64 3D texture should have been output, and 64x64x64 = 262,144. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The other information presented here could be concerning. Pixels that would fall outside that region are implicitly discarded before ever reaching the Pixel Shader stage of the rendering pipeline, and we can take advantage of this fact to reconsider how we cover this region. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with that. The text file (named DirectCompile.txt) contains the command line for debugging with ShaderCompileWorker (below). With debug information preserved, we can directly see the full HLSL source with all relevant #includes inline and all relevant #ifs already evaluated for each stage of the rendering pipeline by clicking the View button at the top of the stage data panel in the Pipeline State tab. We covered one example of optimizing GPU execution in the RGP and UE4 Example section earlier in the guide. This command line can also be easily copied if you enabled the r.DumpShaderDebugWorkerCommandLine=1 cvar, which will dump a file called DirectCompile.txt next to the generated USF file. The first question when profiling in UE4 is what build configuration should be used. ; Defines what radius the post effect gaussian blur kicks in (The optimization uses slightly less memory and has a quality loss on smallblur radius).

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