It is as precious as human life. People will do unwholesome deeds, All bone diseases, including teeth, Special symptoms of the black anthrax - tumor with a little pain, urine and pulse indicate a predominance of heat. Do not disclose it to anyone! I got those glimpses I was looking for, and I learned how to make use of what I was learning, how to make a better life and a better mind. This jewel, stolen from the King of the Nagas, is sometimes representing as a head ornament placed above the sun and the moon on his crown. of Mantrics33, conflict of trigrams34; Nagas26 , Nyans and Tsans27 There is not a contagious disease, Protection Wheel of Vajra Armor Generate faith that the water becomes nectar of the highest tran- scendental wisdom, understanding, in fi nite compassion for all sen- ti ent beings, and perfect power to immediately purify and pacify all diseases such as cancer or whatever you have, and all de fi lements. Any external disease I still wanted to go deeper though: more wisdom, more power, more liberation. (This mantra taught by) Guru Padmasambhava The trigram is considered unfavourable if, for example, it is characterised by combination of fire and water, etc.35. There are many stories about the transference (of this mantra) and USD 79.97 Add To Cart. From accidents created by tenma32. The following wonderful commentary on The Vajra Armor Mantra says: The Sadhana of The Vajra Armor Mantra is meant to provide its Practitioners with a “Diamond-Like Suit of Spiritual Armor”. a drink of spirits, blessed by mantra. Its use is recommended for diphtheria10, USD 97.97 Add To Cart. Can be cured with this mantra. All that remains is a large Puja and to dedicate each one to its owner, which means I am putting them up for sale now. Ye ‘drogs A sort of harm sent by external evil forces.39. Diseases sent from heaven get their names from planetary influence. Probably refers to the three Terma-texts revealed to Ratna Lingpa, Sangye Lingpa and Pema Ledrel Tsalom.2. , appreciate it for this rare information ! He is commonly the vehicle of Amoghasiddhi – the green Buddha of the north. gZa' nad. Yours is the second one I am giving away. Please write me at and provide your mailing address. As well as other extraordinary qualities. b.Ew��dú ��� 8plz�&�e�p_� �!i��. Guru Against diseases with the nature of cold, drink 3. Shown here with twisted hair and eyebrows like fire, and between his sharp horns a protuberance symbolizing a concealing of a naga jewel in his skull. All the best guys Thank you for your post. It releases of the plague29 sent by mamo, intestinal unleashed by evil forces from above and below. Manifests in a form of whitish bubbles, similar to those that appear on the skin that has been licked by a bull; literal name - "licked by a bull (bas sdags hjih bas ldag). This is the instruction (contained in the mantra). 4 0 obj more info. I found that together, each approach strengthened the other and made for a Sorcery that could be streamlined for the modern world, and be startlingly effective. Garuda appears in many forms according to different traditions and linages, but assumes greatest prominence in the Dzogchen transmissions of the Nyingma and Bon traditions. +44 (0)7866 424 803 A tongue hangs limp over the edge of the cup. ... Protection Wheel Vajra Armour (Dorje Gotrab) Mantra. While the front plate gives spiritual offerings, and displays aggression in the form of Garuda, the pair of side plates, protecting the kidneys, provide defensive and indestructible imagery. White and black anthrax (Lhog pa dkar nag) – special symptoms of the white anthrax - tumor with a little pain, urine and pulse indicate a predominance of cold. Full Description: A highly interesting and decorative set of steel Tibetan armour, in an arrangement that is commonly seen in India and Persia, and referred to as ‘char-aina’, literally ‘four mirrors’. It is certainly an important set, and has comparable characteristics to many published oracle mirrors, see Spink (1995), cover image, no.1, p.1. The body of the person who owns it is like a vajra; I got what you intend, thanks for putting up. blessed with this mantra. With a very little human’s merit taran1080. USD 79.97 USD 31.99 Add To Cart. Anthrax (Lhog pa) - Infectious disease that affects the major muscles of the body.The characteristic symptom is a tremor of endings of muscles and limbs, like boiling water, the literal meaning of the word - "boiling."12. The talismans protect are said to heal and protect against 404 types of disease and all manner of magical attacks from humans, spirits, or heavenly beings. ),,, Click on my boobs if you are interested (. Woh I am glad to find this web site by means of google. Six beneficial medicines: Nutmeg, beneficial for the heart, the core of bamboo, beneficial for lungs, saffron, beneficial for liver, cloves, beneficial for vitally important channels and cubeb (or tailed pepper, an Indian plant)-beneficial for spleen.5. Malicious forces from above and below, When I was five I had one of those weird experiences. The small ‘Vajra’ symbolizing the impenetrable, imperishable, immovable, immutable, indivisible and indestructible, giving the wearer a superhuman belief in himself. The Vajra Armor amulet is truly miraculous. Using the Vajra Armor Mantra for Self Healing In addition to using the Vajra Armor Mantra as a path to spiritual enlightenment, this mantra is often called for as an effective method to heal one’s own diseases. Or compliance with any rules. Christianity Dorje Gotrab, or Vajra Armor is a manifestation of Padmasambhava and is, in the opinion of several Lamas, the most supreme healing and protection mantra of all. . Includes epilepsy, paralysis and others. Sorry In case of intoxication with simple and complex poisons, as well as May you have fewer thoughts (regarding this practice) and more faith! 7. astrological oppositions; Eight trigrams (sPar kha), associated with the year of birth, current year, person’s personal features, etc. ... Geshe Tenzin Mirror to Your Life. profound, Guru Padmasambhava chose it from a hundred thousand Healing mantras, concealing It is the secret instruction for all mantras, which reflect (magic). USD 102.97 Add To Cart. Long held as a Secret Practice, The Vajra Armor Mantra has been … Name for a class of spirits that correspond to Bhutas in Indian tradition. Yams nad. ), TheVajra Armor Mantra (“DorjeGo-Drab” in Tibetan), The Vajra Armor or ”Ngak-Bum Dorje Go-Drab” Mantra, Making troubles to Bhutas3. Śaivism & Śiva, (C) 2013 Buddhism and Religions / Red Zambala. Eight classes of gods and demons – Non-human beings of the universe are classified in 8 classes: du (bdud) , tsan (btsan), lu (klu), lha (lha), mamo (ma mo), shinje (gshin rje), gyalpo (rgyal po) and nochzhin (gnod sbyin). Pleurisy (gZer thung) - Infectious disease owes its name to its symptoms, short-term acute pain, forcing the patient to issue loud groans. This symbolically protects your wealth especially if your door is located in the east in 2020. (Then) undertake to repeat it hundred times a day5. Will sow diseases like leprosy, skin rash and seizures. Ulcers, cysts, abscesses, In Tibet these mirrors would have been referred to as me long bzhi, again a translation of ‘four mirrors’. This is Vajra armor, bestowing protection Is similar to obtaining a heart. From damage caused by three hundred and sixty yedrogs38. Depicted in a traditional ‘torma’ arrangement, it is a dark and gory offering of body parts presented to wrathful deities, Dharmapala’s. Sikh bTsan – Tsans.28. It is what my life has been about for nearly 30 years, and I want to share it. Religious Philosophy @Red Zambala. Some really amazing features.Good contest , it’s really helpful for new bloggers. In diseases of filth, A practice that could send one on a journey to the deepest and highest planes and states of being, and bring back the power and mojo to change the waking world for the better. It affects the pharynx, larynx and tongue.11. The ribs may meet in a ball-shaped top, or they may be separate and end in sharp points with which to stab. [2 HOURS LEFT] FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS ABOVE USD 350. Manifests itself mostly in the upper part of the body, affects lungs, so the same is known as stod gzer glo tshad - "lung fever, which causes severe pain in the upper part of the body.”13. from the "Hundred thousand healing mantras." Blue Tara Mirror for Subduing Violence, Dark Spell... Red Tara Mirror for Authority and Control. On the opposite side, in a pyramid formation, there is an offering of three jewels, Ratna (Tib rin-chen or rin-poche) or mani ( tib norbu). A photograph (IBID, fig.37, p.39) shows the oracle of the deity Baung Choje in 1928, wearing a very similar breast plate to the one being discussed here. And Dakini will impose a punishment of guardians on you, It is extremely important (to repeat it) exactly like this, nothing missing or adding 5. Considering this (mantra) On a lotus base, they represent the jewels of Buddha, dharma and sangha, single flames emit from the sides reflecting the adamantine Vajra nature. Thanks for sharing this with us! Buddhism LILLIAN TOO’S EXTRAVAGANZA 2020 Kuala Lumpur: Finding HIDDEN WEALTH in the coming Year of the Metal Rat 2020 If there’s one event to save a Sunday for, it would surely be Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza! To obtain this essential instruction (cure) suffering of these diseases. taran1080. 10. Six beneficial medicines4 will not be enough to There’s no disease that cannot be cured, Vedic & Hindu Scriptures Nagas – non-human beings, ruling in the water and under the ground.27. In China, India, Kashmir 6. rGyu yi bsrang nad. Please include $5 if you are outside the United States. (If you use it) to help others, you should know that Assume that you will have less thoughts (about the practice), but more faith. Chicken Pox (Brum pa) - Smallpox and its associated disease, manifested in the form of a rash.16. The following wonderful commentary on The Vajra Armor Mantra says: The Sadhana of The Vajra Armor Mantra is meant to provide its Practitioners with a “Diamond-Like Suit of Spiritual Armor”.

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