In 1986 Kramer switched to the radically drooped 'pointy headstock' design, no doubt. Billy made fine electric and beautiful hand made acoustic guitars that are cherished by his Kramer fans. They regularly fetch high prices on eBay and other auction sites. You can use this database for researching parts and original job information for KRAMER equipment produced between 03-14-1974 to 01-31-1990 or having Serial Numbers between E44400 to F79063. We thank everyone for contributing their Kramers through the years. By continuing to use this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Seeing promise in a young band out of the Soviet Union, Gorky Park, BTE started managing the group. A chance encounter between Dennis Berardi and Eddie Van Halen's managers on an airplane flight set the foundation for Kramer's meteoric rise in the 1980s. Enter the Serial Number that you are looking for in the box below the text "Serial Number". BTE banked on the Gorky Park guitars to help promote the group. The 'American Series' of instruments were ESP parts, assembled in Neptune, New Jersey. By late 1985 Kramer began installing Seymour Duncan pickups in its guitars, in preference to the more vintage-sounding Schaller pickups. In addition, Kramer embraced the excess of the late 1980s—producing slick and fluorescent guitars, losing its thought leadership in the guitar manufacturing arena, and damaging the image of the brand. Kramer executives saw that the guitar techniques of the early 1980s demanded a high-performance tremolo system. Numbered plates that are chrome with the banana logo are overseas plates, Exxxx-Exxxxx Strikers sometimes had serials that prefixed with "S" or "SB" cast plates. In 2007, a Kramer Striker controller was created for Guitar Hero III for the PS2, under a licensing agreement with Gibson Guitar Corporation. prefixing the number. Other features of the necks included aluminum dots, and a zero fret. Kramer collectors held a Kramer Expo every year in Nashville, Tennessee, near the Gibson plant, from 2003-2008. Initially released for free, it was locked and turned into a commercial software after 2008 which created problems for who were forced to buy the software to continue accessing their data on newer computers.What was previously a single software package has been split into Vector NTI Express, Advanced, and Express Designer. A notorious firesale of surplus necks, bodies and hardware was held out of New Jersey. In connection with your providing me with your personal information, we must advise you that information about Rheem’s practices regarding your personal information is located in Rheem's Privacy Notice located here. … Kramer American Models Serial Number Registry - Archive. In late 1983 Kramer switched from the 'beak' headstock design to the Gibson Explorer-like 'banana' headstock design. Usually, they sport a first letter, then have another letter

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