And the engines on this page come with a 36 month or 36,000 mile warranty. The block is known as a SOHC. For NEW 1.9 diesel engine conversions from early 1.5 and 1.6 diesels, see this page. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions and quote requests. What usually happens is that someone calls us right after a quote is delivered. $109.99, Regular price

Sort by BFI Stage 1 PEM - MK3 2.0l ABA OBDII. Typical cost of custom made pistons is $750, including coatings, and $1200-1300 for a set of connecting rods, depending on rod bolt options. I am interested in these builds. Have read your above info and you mention the TDI 95.5 mm stroke crankshaft, are these not counter weighted from the factory.

People buy the 2.0L because of its versatility.

038100031QX2950, New VW Golf engine, TDI diesel, Long Block, w/ timing components, water pump, injectors, injection harness. Misc. Regular price If you are installing the engine in an Mk2 chassis (‘85-‘92 Golf or Jetta) get the ABA exhaust manifold and downpipe. $34.99, IE 2.0L 8V ABA/2.0L 16V ABF H-Beam 159x21mm Rod Set with Aftermarket Pistons, IE Billet Tall Boy Main Caps for Crank Girdle, Regular price This is a very robust water-cooled engine configuration for four- up to eight- cylinders, and is still in production. The EA827 family of petrol engines was initially developed by Audi under Ludwig Kraus leadership and introduced in 1972 by the B1-series Audi 80, and went on to power many Volkswagen Group models.


I have a 97 ABA 2.0 block.

This is an engine build for a local customer. $399.99, Regular price

Starting out with an OEM motor is always the safest bet. There is a lot going on here. The beauty of VW/Audi engines is how modular most engine components are and the numerous block, crank, cylinder head, and engine displacement combinations that can be achieved by mixing and matching parts.

You need the Mk3 downpipe or a TT downpipe (251 117S) in order to accommodate the taller block.

Any consumer shopping here can buy a VW 2.0 ABA engine for sale. The 2.0 is an 8-valve engine by VW for sale in Jetta and MKII cars. A car buyer or mechanic orders or needs clarification on something. At Black Forest Industries we not only manufacture performance parts for your VW / Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Porsche, and Mini but we also provide maintenance repair services as well.

A hose, gasket or other VW factory defect could happen. The Mk3 Golf/Jetta 1.9TDI crankshaft is a direct swap. STORY: This is an engine build for a local customer.

Your email address will not be published. How do you come up with the connecting rods for any engine.

Regular price $89.99 IE 058 1.8T/06A 1.8T/2.0L/1.8L/16V H-Beam 144x20mm Rod Set with Aftermarket Pistons. Let our VW staff impress you.

Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Unlike the diesel powered family, this unit is one of the only units approved for California emissions. Which TDI have that crank? Sort by BFI Stage 1 PEM - MK3 2.0l ABA OBDII.

1. The top speed served by the 5400 RPM capacity.

Please check your email for additional information request. Hi Pavel ! 3. $159.99, BFI Stage 2 Delrin Complete Motor Mount Kit, Regular price

The first is the OBD-I and the second is the OBD-II diagnostic compatible one.

$74.99, Regular price I’ve heard about oversize rebuilds for a 2.0 16v – 2.2 or 2.3 L. Is this possible & what is the approximate cost range ?

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