People with Chinese zodiac Ox bear persistent, simple, honest, and straightforward characteristics. They aired 12 episodes on youtube every week so the drama is effectively over in less than two months, but they still air it on TV for another few more months. She graduated from Dalian University of Foreign Language, where she majored in French Language. We’re currently in process of confirming all details such as Wang Yibo’s height, weight, and other stats. Wu Xin was born in 1983 in Shenyang, Liaoning. Their strengths are honest, industrious, patient, cautious, level-headed, and persistent. She has performed in many movies and dramas. At least, we can take comfort in the fact that, Why Love and Redemption's Tortured Hero is Like Ashes of Love, YouTube Video VVV0SFF4REgtQmFtQXEzdk9BUVl3QzhBLjU2QjQ0RjZEMTA1NTdDQzY=, How the August webdramas are faring in terms of online views. Pop singer, rapper, and actor who is known for being a member of the Chinese-South Korean boy band Uniq. And just, to give you guys a glimpse of how sweet the main couple can be, here’s a cute meme on how our hero treats his lady. Update 11/09/09. Yet. luv this drama so much, luv qin junjie(the emperor and yang zi. Guests and hosts of the show participate in various activities which include performances, games, interviews, parodies and more. eng sub 49 = 5 minutes of tv 54 and all of tv 55 and very little of ep 56. Happy Camp is one of China's most popular shows, consistently achieving record high ratings and viewership in its episodes, with a minimum active viewership of tens of millions. Wow. International pair dancing instructors, Guangzhou Arts School, Zhang Shuai, Kobayashi Kohei, Callaci Gil Echeverria Mirko, Eric Ching, Refreshing Summertime Hong Kong Disneyland, Nationwide students, Tsai Ming, Voice actors, Every occupation professional, Andy Ge, North and South Prom King and Queens (Zhang Hangrui, Wang Xiwei, Li Yeqing and Qiao Renliang), Dai Long, Prince of Salmon, Ramen Master, Restlessness Inn Miss, Beijing Emergency Medical Center, Ballet aunties, Community Aunties, Huang Ling, Female bodyguards, Niu Xinxin, Xiao Caiqi, Pan Delong, Xu Jie, Zhang Xinyu, Shoushou, Kongyansong & Kongyaozhu sisters, National prom queen, This year I Am Most Famous (Spring Festival re-run), Fated to Love You (Spring Festival re-run), In Love With Your Beauty (Spring Festival re-run), Congratulations Congratulations (Spring Festival re-run), Ulgy Wudi (Season II): Liu Xiaohu, Mao Junjie, Wang Kai, Wu Qijiang, Li Xinru, Hey Girl, The Eighteen Bronze, Double-sided Princesses (Spring Festival re-run), Eavesdrop (Part A) (Spring Festival re-run), Let's Go Watch Meteor Shower (Spring Festival re-run), Trick Boys & Trick Girls (Spring Festival re-run), Love Just Reside Together (Spring Festival re-run), More and More Love (Spring Festival re-run), Avenue of Stars Top singers (2009): Heini Auntie, Li Yushan, Wang Mu, Zhang Yitian, Crazy shrimps, pet dogs, Robotics Team, KIMIKO, Niu Er, Liu Xiaoman, Mario, Zhou Simin, Zhou Sicheng, Fan Bing Bing, Lee Zhi Ting, Jiang Jin Fu, Gao Yuanyuan, Huang Haibo, Zhang Kaili, Ryan Zuo, Leon Jay Williams, Zhang Lanxin, Sodagreen, Liu Yifei, Deng Chao, Chen Yufan, Cannon Hu, Jackie Chan, Jing Tian, Ding Sheng, Lin Shen, Li Tai, Qiao Zhenyu and Zheng Kai's Ranking Competition, Lovely couple: Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying. If there is any information missing, we will be updating this page soon. We will continue to update details on Wang Yibo’s family. If you any have tips or corrections, please send them our way. He is a well-known host in China. The Untamed 电视剧陈情令. July 23 - August 22. Wang Yibo was born on a Tuesday. Her special way of hosting the show has brought happiness to the audiences. I like this drama but I don't like the ending so sad and why the last princess of mings has to die. This drama is ridiculous. Men's Bally Fitness Cheerleader, Caffe-in, Su Shuiwen, Double College Student Team, Jackie Chan's Martial Arts School Shaolin Team, Children Looking at the Olympics, Sharing the Spotlight, Children Looking at the Olympics, Sharing the Spotlight (Re-run), Xinmin Primary School Students, War dancing instructor group (Brazil), Ye Pei (Champion magicians and Olympic cheerleaders). Kuan Kammathep (Tye and Matt): Watch it at Youtube Updated 04/24/12. including the Best Choreography award at the International K-Music Awards in 2015 and earned a nomination for Best Artist in Mainland China & Hong King at the MTV European Music Awards in 2015. The Untamed - WangXian Learn how and when to remove this template message, Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back, "Happy Camp: The Popularity of Variety Shows in China – Contemporary Chinese Performance Culture", "Song Joong Ki's appearance on 'Happy Camp' records highest viewership rating! In 1998, Happy Camp was awarded the star awards and the sixteenth session of Chinese television drama. They are brave, playful, leader, fun, warm, protective, generous, and charismatic. Xie Na was born in 1981 in Deyang, Sichuan. Happy Camp is a Chinese variety show produced by Hunan Broadcasting System.The series debuted on 7 July 1997, and has remained in production since then due to its skyrocketing popularity. The series debuted on 7 July 1997, and has remained in production since then due to its skyrocketing popularity. Let’s find out! The world’s population was 5,910,566,295 and there were an estimated 130,906,795 babies born throughout the world in 1997, Bill Clinton (Democratic) was the president of the United States, and the number one song on Billboard 100 was "I'll Be Missing You" by Puff Daddy & Faith Evans Featuring 112.

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