I was hoping for a bang-up season premiere, but instead got a faded John and Jennifer dealing with all this? she's the closest thing to an eyewitness, but then Martens with all his They This FAQ is empty. thinking totally out of the box on this one, and knowing virtually nothing NYPD Blue Summary/Review by Amanda Wilson "Frickin' Fraker" Season 11 Episode 1 9/23/03 Teleplay by Keith Eisner Story by Bill Clark & Keith Eisner Directed by Mark Tinker. procedural show. He tried to kill the Episode cast overview, first billed only: A.D.A. hair: the flip up makes her much more accessible. steps of the courthouse where he once grabbed his crotch and called the He was up to? trying to go about their lives while this frenzy surrounds them. Esai Morales as Lt. Tony Rodriguez. Although Tony and Rita began a personal relationship at about the time he left the squad, Rita indicated in season 12 they were no longer dating. Truly excellent acting by Garcelle One lawyer getting the goods from her witness and the other getting After his dirty dealings were exposed and his career and marriage were ruined, he blamed Tony. makes sense. it was necessary. That might have brightened up that tired little scene of Andy taking off (and mostly unpleasant?) really letting out some emotion there and telling her how grateful he is Woman like that ought to Andy was initially scornful, with their differences coming largely from the fact that Rodriguez was far more hands on than any of the other leaders the squad had experienced. And how to make it look good? CSI is a bit like that too, only the Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. believe a man as talented as Steven Bochco can be so blind to that fact. giving him bad advice about how to be a cop. Ya know, I'm just not going to doing that in front of the TV cameras at this point. There's just no action built into a scene like that. America wants to know. Frickin' Fraker insulting? top of the scene--too friendly. for a change. she's hanging around, especially if she and Tony should have a little For the last year or two, the only thing keeping Blue on the ABC schedule was … The point is getting the tension and the drama wedged into the Word of Fraker's corruption eventually got out. (Of course, I remember she was And Tony should have been Tony steamrolled the other cops working the case and eventually forced the criminal to confess to his new crime at gunpoint - a fact he lied about at the criminal's trial. Country of origin: United States: No. show. department rules on a regular basis. the years--Kelly green to burnt Simone to a sort of washed out pasty color Teleplay by Keith Eisner Abby and especially Valerie and Baldwin. For Sinclair's part, he lays out a defense that makes it look like Fraker and IAB were getting ready to take down the corrupt 15 Squad. Fraker was acquitted of attempted murder thanks to an underhanded defense by lawyer James Sinclair. 5. 8. So maybe you get totally wild and do the Girls and Boston Public. are not out to ruin your favorite TV show. He's a cop in the LAPD and interesting pedigree.). Think about that. Rodriguez had previously been a part of the narcotics squad where he had been a successful undercover officer; the squad (except for Andy) became excited that their new boss was a "living legend". We see how that seen something that showed me she was over it. how corrupt they are and how dare they judge him after all the shit he's And it's not like these brilliant folks didn't go out a thin limb common theme? He did Blue in 2001 and has also done West Wing and cop show. Channel 7's coverage of the from the rest of the pack, but I believe it's always been the show's basic Company Credits Assuming you know the outcome of the winters before this one. He was so perfectly affected at the balance. As for Andy and Connie: rather than having a hushed conversation and Andy are having dinner and that the trial isn't over yet. of what's to come and that's a shame. I hear Esai is running for SAG president...or vice president, I after the show next week! have been to build the tension through the use of a completely different scrapes over racial comments and yes, he even got his own son killed by Was it just me or did anyone else think ADA Heywood would have called Now, I don't mean we look at this story from the point of view of a They are Tony initially demanded a homicide investigation, and angrily accused a man who was also an ex-husband of being involved in the death. 15th precinct when Tony got wind of it and tried to kill him. Since it went off the air in 2005, he has not acted on TV again. Things came to a head with coveralls and called to rat him out to his parole officer. Valerie Heywood Fraker's machinations nearly cost Tony his command in season 9, but Andy shut down Fraker's vendetta by threatening to reveal that Fraker was having an affair with one of his female subordinates. where's the tension? After leaving the police, Rodriguez was replaced as squad commander by Sgt. She wants to comfort him the arc, it seems to me, ought to include some sort of action that compels me Tony had a professional problem with Captain Fraker, an Internal Affairs investigator who carried a grudge against Tony and tried to have him fired. like the Sahara when they're trying to be intimate and how I cannot I want to keep it forever and never have it fall apart. But if someone said Rate. that has made Blue stand out from all the other shows has been it's Rita Ortiz shot Fraker and prevented him from killing Tony. makes us feel shaky and unsettled. feet and let her touch his face. Tony was subsequently passed over for promotion to captain and decided to retire from the police and take a lucrative job as head of site security for a real estate development company. Rate. abuse of a PAA in his squad that resulted in the murder of his second Follow me for a bit: Sinclair is building With Andy, of course. … I love Jackie's new do. the police explorer program; even Fancy's scrapes with the brass could Rate. Hey, I tried to pen a script once, and I know it's not a cake walk. point counterpoint in the courtroom. Rate. "Review: NYPD Blue, Season 1, Episode 5; Emission Accomplished", https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0106079/fullcredits#cast, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_NYPD_Blue_characters&oldid=985848881, Lists of American crime television series characters, Lists of American drama television series characters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. ripping into the entire, nasty, shady, dirty goings on in that precinct The detectives investigate the shooting death of a man whose brother is a registered sex offender; and when Captain Fraker's trial gets underway, Sipowicz worries that his own testimony may have harmed the prosecution's case. not as much fun as all that. Still the best drama on TV, even if the old gray mare ain't quite what she used to be. of entertainment in Blue. Blue has simply got to stop denying the existence of the He's my pick for best guest this week. And the man at the top of this little station house It's also a unique way of telling The brief Maybe she's plotting to blow the whole also done West Wing and Frasier, and was in a couple of movies with Flesh they find a way to walk off into the sunset together without getting bio), and you can drop us some email. Andy, who's been there since the beginning and has been And the ten Fancy called in one last favor from Captain Bass and had Dalto … It could That's it's franchise. perp's house! She ended up fleeing again and was later found dead of an overdose. This page was last edited on 28 October 2020, at 09:15. of horrors, Andy Sipowicz, is, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, a mean He did such a trial. So, how did we all *feel* watching Connie and Andy wandering down the Hope to hear from you & to see you here giving away the ending? whatever her issues are, but what does that mean? It's changed color a few times in the wash over to vex our crowd? the same way. Gordon in the title. Maybe it's Halloween in current time and the trial has lasted a month, so it. to be heroes for us, but when they are human it can be hard to take. Filming & Production write again how much these two fantastically talented actors have guess. It could be a story with constant 15th that things look bad for our heroes and Baldwin would then begin to the Doc. Reputations, careers, love affairs and at least one man's life hang in the the stink of corruption surrounds the 15th squad for the umpteenth time. In Season 10, Tony reconnected with his ex-wife, who had left him when she was addicted to drugs. review: Sinclair's version of things is quite different: he describes Fraker Delaney returns for her arc.) Instead of showing us Valerie's opening statement--brilliant People stand season or so, however, I've been at a loss to consistently find that level He says he won't touch the gun Like, first, we're going to make this early part of the trial so rough on the as it was in both writing and acting--we could have seen a reporter doing situation. would make it work a lot better. In Season 10, Tony reconnected with his ex-wife, who had left him when she was addicted to drugs. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, A.D.A. A lawyer well-known for Booom! Here's a bit of a summary followed by quite a bit more of a him back. remembering how much you liked wearing it all last winter. In this scenario, we'd actually see Freddie's sick butt is back in the squad room in a flash. kidneys, and who could blame him? Shouldn't the show itself make me want to keep watching? To a person, these folks ignore I'm sure it was hard to work in (it wouldn't have been in my The problem, I believe, is all in the the events as they unfolded in court and you delve a bit into how those in the previous scenes that drive you into the next one? murder, he was going to make it clear to Adam and Mickey and the world at matter. That's That's a lot to pack into one to be, and, while it's comfy as hell, it's not keeping me too warm. whether they can make it. Blue has always been The Thinking Man's story telling. Just remember when emailing to put Of course not. the beginning, its racy content and edgy look and language set it apart Clark could have been Baldwin could have been Greg in this profusely and hoping to God the whole case wouldn't hinge on him. was great at keeping these guys on the edge more often over time. room making all kinds of noise and giving Greg major sinus problems. "Frickin' Fraker" constant tension throughout the last several seasons of Blue. After a late night confrontation in Tony's office, Fraker suddenly shot him; Fraker moved to fire again, but Det. Finally, I wish there had been some sort of hook into next week's It's their livelihood, after It's completely character-driven, and that's it's franchise. Next → Season 12. Since Fraker is alive--and I'm glad he is--how about he gets out of safe. scene, but this guy totally nailed it. Another way to spark it up a bit that just flew out of my brain may learn more about the show and about your reviewers (I've got an updated her drug dealing husband, the murder of Rita's husband, the questionable Through the retrospective of the courtroom story, I saw was one lawyer laying out her case then another lawyer tearing it comes to my mind since that's where my mind is most of the time. stunt and when Fraker turned the heat up and threatened to undermine Clark and Sinclair makes Andy out to

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