What’s more, beyond the amazing top speed, you can expect thrilling accelerations with these jet skis, as their engines are boosted with superchargers. Don’t hesitate to discover more! If you would like to discover more about these amazing models, click on the link in each model’s name. The fastest jet skis on the market are definitely the Performance and Luxury models, as they’re powered with 1,500-1,800cc supercharged engines. Even if it’s not the best news for many performance-minded buyers, we should thank the Coast Guard for making PWC riding safer for everyone. What are the fastest jet skis on the market? The hull of this ride is quite small, especially if you compare it with the hulls of other jet skis being manufactured by Honda. Well…unfortunately you won’t find a stock model that can top much more than 65 – 67 mph and it’s not because manufacturers are unable to produce them. Another important factor is temperature. The Kawasaki 800 SX-R may not be as easy to handle as other jet skis because it is meant to be ridden while standing up. Fastest Sea-Doo models:  The top speed Sea-Doo models are the GTR-X 230, GTX Limited 230, RXP-X 300, RXT-300, GTX Limited 300 which arrive supercharged, 1630 ccm, 4-stroke Rotax (closed loop cooling) engines and 230-300 HP performance. Both have a top horsepower of 300 HP and amazing speeds of 67 MPH. This is Seadoo’s entry in the high performance market. Would you like to read more about these performance specs like horsepower and power to weight ratio in general? Think of this jet ski as a muscle car on water that can handle turns and angles extremely well. What is the fastest PWC on the market you purchase at your nearest dealership? The Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO is the flagship model of the entire line of Yamaha jet skis. Given the high performance of their Ultra 310 HP series, their acceleration is likely on par with the competition. The Yamaha VXR – 67+ mph Yamaha offers a range of high-performance jet skis but the VXR, as you might be able to guess from the name, is the cream of the crop. If we had just a few gallons in the tank, you could easily see how the same machine with the same limitations could reach a higher speed. What’s even more amazing about this model is that it’s able to do so with a non-supercharged engine! These are the fastest WaveRunners in Yamaha’s fleet, as all of them can hit 67 mph. Yes, most powerful supercharged jet skis can go 80 mph, but not in stock condition! This model arrives with the same hull as the performance models, while it produces only 160 HP. If you wish to compete in racing, you are certainly welcome to modify your machine but don’t forget to always ride safely and with caution. HSR Benelli Series-R Race Edition. If this is not possible, try your watercraft out downwind. Oddly enough, there is no simple answer to this question above. Lastly, remember that modifications may affect your watercraft’s warranty.

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