Dusa Dusa often behaves like a schoolgirl with a crush around Zagreus, gasping and emitting hearts when he is close and disappearing as if flustered or embarrassed after a short conversation. information Megaera is aloof and hostile towards Zagreus, and thinks his escape attempts are foolish. He is sometimes shown to be somewhat blasé, which has led him to offend the people around him or act without thinking of the consequences. Like the other content of the codex, it appears to be written from Achilles' point of view. Dusa's favor involves the lounge renovations, which she has fallen behind on doing. “Something Jen cares a lot about as an artist. She seems to have a crush on Zagreus, emitting a gasp and several hearts whenever he gets close. The two frequently bicker, and Hades thwarts his escape attempts at every turn. Megaera: Zagreus and Megaera appear to have some past history, but their relationship have since ended. Whew. She crushes hard on Zagreus and it’s honestly too cute for words. He is affectionate towards Zagreus, and is quite mournful when he leaves. “Aphrodite and Dionysus spring to mind. He is the prince of the Underworld, who resents his father, struggles with abandonment issues, and whose only talent it seems is killing monsters. Everyone, from Megaera to Thanatos (call me, zaddy), down to even Asterius and Dusa owe their attractiveness to the vision of Supergiant’s art team. But there’s another big reason why Hades is seeing such a massively positive response: Everyone is so friggin’ hot! Upon Persephone's return and subsequent encouragement, the two eventually come to something of an understanding, with Hades making Zagreus' escape attempts an official job to stress-test the security of the Underworld. Due to his sheltered upbringing, Zagreus is often shown to be ignorant of the world outside of the Underworld, relying on others to relay information about the outside world. Dusa tells Zagreus that, while she does have feelings for him, she … Others outside the House of Hades, such as Sisyphus, Charon, and the Olympians sometimes offer their aid too. For additional information on Medusa that does not pertain to Hades, see Wikipedia's article: Medusa, https://hades.gamepedia.com/Dusa?oldid=7856. Thanatos is initially very hurt when Zagreus attempts to escape the Underworld, as he had not been informed, but continues to help him at times. Zagreus is often shown to be humble, good-humored, and often sarcastic and self-deprecating. I like the hissy, angry lookin danger noodle back there. Then there’s Megaera, who brings out the “please step on me” energy in a lot of us. While a lot of the additions involved bug fixes and balancing for the roguelike, the Hades update did a lot of work to make approaching the people around Zagreus more appealing. Zagreus has heterochromia, having inherited an eye color from each of his parents (his red eye from Hades and his green eye from Persephone). They agree to remain "friends for all eternity" instead, though as Zagreus points out, that in itself can be its own form of love. The two frequently bicker, and Hades thwarts his escape attempts at every turn. House of Hades Dusa is a shade in the form of a floating, disembodied Gorgon's head. Doing so will complete the A Place of Revelry prophecy and unlock the ability to give Ambrosia to Dusa. Olympian Gods: The Olympians, most of whom are aunts, uncles, and cousins to Zagreus, seem to sympathize with him and welcome him to join them on Olympus. Zagreus must help her bring the lounge up to Nyx's standards by using the House Contractor to complete a minimum of 12 Lounge-focused renovations, which must include at least one rug for the area as well as cleaning up Cerberus's fur and the scratches he left in the floor.

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