Total IT Software Solutions
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Integrated Office Management Software Solution is a high end modular application that supports the staff from different departments in an organization to not only maintain their respective internal and external records but also enable easy sharing and transfer of data. These include:-

  1. Management of day-to-day documentation
  2. Work and time schedules
  3. Conferences
  4. Communications
  5. Is integration friendly and interactive
  6. Dedicated modules for different departments yet can be integrated seamlessly

Benefits of IOMS to Organizations

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Can be customized as per the need of the department
  3. Standardizes documentation and inter-departmental sharing and transfer of information

The effective management of documentation in an accurate and user-friendly manner helps the management to access relevant data required for decision making, both in the short term and long term.

Document Digitization and Scanning:

  1. Preparing the documents for scanning
  2. Scanning
  3. Processing the scanned files
  4. Generating final digitized images
  5. Saving images in the Safe Electronic Library
  6. Making the documents available

Modules of the Software

  1. Access right control
  2. Director's Office
  3. File Management/Document Management
  4. Central Purchase, Stores & Distribution
  5. PME (Project Management & Evaluation)
  6. Central Administration(HR, Payroll, Leave Details, Estate & Maintenance)
  7. Finance and Accounts
  8. Establishment Module (Transport, Guest house, Canteen)
  9. Scientist & Scientific Project Activities.
  10. Publication Management
  11. Academic Activities Module
  12. RTI & Case Management
  13. Bioinformatics Management
  14. Library Management
  15. File & Formats