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ERMSS: Internet / Electronic Resources Management & Search Solutions

ERMSS is a customized solution to manage & provide search on Physical Resources, Subscribed e-resources of the library, Digital Resources of the Library and the Open Access Contents available on the Internet. This is an effective management & search tool for information seekers like researchers, library members, student's etc. One can access single or all the resources / contents in the same interface by using various search parameters. To summarize this is a single search solution to search on all e-resources of Library.

Product Features:

  1. To manage all e-resources like e-journals, e-books, and online databases.
  2. To perform single search on multiple e-resources like e-journals, e-books, and e-databases.
  3. The scope is to make available all e-resources of library to their end-users by using a single window search interface.
  4. Customized and integrated search services.
  5. Integration with Library Web OPAC having Z 39.5 Interface.
  6. The users can have their own e-library to save the search results and access.
  7. Authentication & Access : IP enabled / User ID and Password.
  8. Search Features : Basic, Advanced & Subject search.
  9. Users can search on single and multiple e-resources along with physical resources, digital library and consortium resources.
  10. Customized creation of subject's catalogue for all e-resources.
  11. Potential to integrate with the existing Library Web Portal, Web OPAC, Digital Archives, (Thesis, Project, Publications, Research papers)