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Total Library Software System

Total Library Software Systems (TLSS) is a powerful database engine designed to serve organizations and libraries in particular to efficiently manage their contents and data. TLSS has proved to be a reliable software particularly in large libraries.

Features of TLSS at a Glance :

  1. Integrated, multi-tasking information management software, of particular use to small, medium and large libraries (medical, legal), research institutions, universities, schools, corporate among others
  2. User friendly software as it can be used by anyone using Microsoft office and Windows environment
  3. Designed by IT experts and well-qualified librarians, the software is consistent, versatile and have an intuitive interface
  4. Can be operated through a point-and-click navigation system
  5. Capacity to maintain large volume of records and information
  6. In-built bar code generation and printing process
  7. Can meet book keeping related requirements and subscriptions related data. This includes reports, book Issues, returns, magazine, newspaper subscriptions, calculating, fines and balances of payments due from members
  8. It is platform-independent and powered by VB & .Net.

TLSS Modules:

  1. Library Guidelines
  2. Acquisition
  3. Accession
  4. Circulation
  5. Staff
  6. Members
  7. Suppliers
  8. Inter Library Loan
  9. Stationary
  10. Reservation
  11. Stock
  12. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)
  13. Utilities
  14. Utilities

(Salient Features:

  1. Z39.50 Utility: Using this facility, one can perform search / create catalogue card online using the data of all Z39.50 server available in LOC website. This minimizes the time taken to create a new catalogue card by typing all the details the new book acquired by the library. Details for the new books purchased can be searched and the catalogue cards for the same can be downloaded.
  2. Registered as Z39.50 Server implementers with LOC
  3. Unicode compliant for all non-Roman alphabets
  4. Support for International Standards such as MARC-21, MARC-XML, AACR-2, MODS 3.0
  5. E-Mail & Internet Facility
  6. Order Management (new and pending orders)
  7. Effective and timely claims
  8. Reports are maintained and available online
  9. Renewal processing