in Kern County is only 2 hours from LA. Food, water, bathrooms, and other such comforts are a 22-mile drive away in Blythe. Amateur astronomers will enjoy a natural Not only are the heavens putting on a big show almost every night, but stargazing works well for social-distancing—celestial bodies show themselves after most human bodies have retreated indoors. Whether it’s established attractions or inaugural events that might become future Halloween standbys, here are five great ways to scare up some extra spooks this October. Heavily urban areas make southern California stargazing difficult, But the stretch of coastline running from Piedras Blancas State Marine Reserve northward to Limekiln State Park is sheltered from the urban lights of Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties by the Santa Lucia Mountains. Okay, this is more a big beautiful region than a single destination, but there are wonderful dark skies along the whole spine of the Southern Sierra from Mono Hot Springs down to Kennedy Meadows. Explore more of Southern California on SoCal Wanderer. It's just that everyone loves a naked-eye comet. For example, San Francisco in December sees sunny days in the low 60’s and overnight temps averaging around 48 … While there is a bit of light pollution from the Coachella Valley, the area makes up for it with the otherworldly landscape here on earth. right next to a sheer rock face. You’ll need a four-wheel drive vehicle with high clearance and some experience with desert dirt-road driving: the road that leads you to the Black Hills, the Bradshaw trail, is an historic route that’s often a bit of a sand trap. Borrego Springs is a great gateway to the state’s largest state park, Anza-Borrego, and its residents and businesses have enthusiastically taken on the task of keeping night lighting to a minimum to preserve Anza-Borrego’s night-time environment. On California's romantic North Coast, Mendocino is just remote enough to provide good chances of spotting super-bright planets, sparkling stars, and nebula clusters on clear summer nights. This spot in Modoc National Forest is almost as far as you can get in a straight line distance from DTLA and still be in California. Chris Clarke was KCET's Environment Editor until July 2017. also stop by the quaintest coffee house/cottage ever. This provides a great light barrier We usually like to space these lists out, but Mono County deserves a second mention. Available for iOS on the App Store. plenty of celestial sights just standing in the middle of the street. What makes the park especially tantalizing is that you can pitch your tent Joshua Tree National Park is so popular, you might want to avoid the crowds and do an overnight stargazing trip elsewhere in the region. Tag #VISITCALIFORNIA on Instagram to have your trip featured on our page. But to maximize your chances of getting a good glimpse of 45P, you'll want to find yourself a place with as little light pollution as possible. Know of another great stargazing spot to share? This tiny little farming town tucked in between Death Valley National Park and the Nevada line is gateway to some of the darkest skies in the California desert. | Flickr/Jesse! […], Long Exposure Landscape Photos – 6 Essential Tips Long exposure landscape photography often inspires the most intense ‘how did he do that?’ […], VISUAL REPORT: Sony A9 Announcement – Lightning Fast Full Frame Sony A9 – A Big Move by Sony For all you camera lovers and […]. But did you know it’s also a pretty good spot for seeing the astronomical wonders overhead, if you know where to go? Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Send Email More … Through William Camargo's dive into each city’s archive, he uncovers histories of violence and exploitive policies against Black and Brown communities, and connects those consequences of the past to the current uprising for racial justice. We also included a few good tours we found if you want to book a more organized stargazing experience in Greater Palm Springs. She decided to start the site after realizing how many friends and family had never seen the Milky Way, and that space tourism was going to unlock the next great travel destination: space! The result: nice dark skies, at least westward (the mountains generally block the eastern horizon) and also at least when the fog hasn't rolled in. get the most out of your time, Mesquite Springs As a result, Borrego Springs is almost alone among these Low Desert stargazing sites in offering local amenities like lodging and restaurants. Not too far inland lies a great campground in Pfieffer Falls State Park that gives … It’s literally only 55 minutes away even in midday, and boasts its own The Kelso Dunes are an easy 210 miles from DTLA. distance between the glare-infested cities and your telescope setup. An inversion layer above Los Angeles helps to keep occluding smog contained closer to the surface. If you’re needing a little peace and quiet in your life in order to rest and recharge, we’ve compiled the perfect list for you. If we’re so conscious of light pollution, why is there a town on this list? worry: pristine night skies are still out there! It belongs to all of us. if you haven’t made use of this Dark Sky Finder yet, it’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g). is perhaps the grand-daddy of southern California stargazing spots. observatories, and Pacific coastal regions, SoCal urbanites have tons Huell visits two Hmong farms that are growing very interesting and unusual produce in California. You may have trouble seeing your hand outstretched except by the hand-shaped hole in the stars it creates. Sensorio runs until Jan. 3, 2021. Here, as in Benton Hot Springs, you'll find almost nothing in the way of trees to block your view, and the mountains are conveniently off a few miles in most directions. Here are seven of our favorite low desert spots to contemplate your local portion of the universe, ranging from comfortable resort towns to ghost towns to remote, primitive campsites. Even though Inyo County’s only 20 miles from Big Pine, it’s Discover unique experiences on ranches, nature preserves, farms, vineyards, and public campgrounds across the U.S. Book tent camping, treehouses, cabins, yurts, primitive backcountry sites, car camping, airstreams, tiny houses, RV camping, glamping tents and more. Las Vegas and other cities along the Colorado river. Not only are the heavens putting on a big show almost every night, but stargazing works well for social-distancing—celestial bodies show themselves after most human bodies have retreated indoors. Whether you’re looking for calm waters, overhead surf, or a close and personal experience with local marine life, the best places to go paddle boarding in Southern California are waiting. In any event, the distance and time are such that you probably want to plan an overnight stargazing trip to Joshua Tree rather than doing it in a single night – but it is one of the best spots for stargazing in the region, and well worth the journey if you make it.

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