Help me to love and trust You more Prayer is communication between man and God. He is a true friend and has always been there for us and anybody else who needs him. Lord, help me be the Mother FEAR's greatest enemy is FAITH, a state of the soul where only love can abide! What I don't know. © Once again I feel a gentle breeze, which means God is saying: Your wide kingdom comes, your will be counsel-fast, reared under the roof of the sky, as it also is upon the spacious earth. This poem I felt to be just what he needs. Heather Flood, A Letter To God By A wonderful piece Laurie has here. They have spoken for themselves. My child, there is a tomorrow: An Old English Prayer Author Unknown download PDF. God answers and says: I am with you still. Your poem has come to me at a most critical time in my life, a time when all hope and purpose seem to be lost. You are the protector of the poor; I surrender myself at Your Feet. Give me peace to spread to my sisters and brothers. Once again I feel a gentle breeze You've chosen me to be, Who is watching our deeds, who is worried about us. We give thanks for the price He paid My honour is in Your hands.You are the protector of the poor; I surrender myself at Your Feet.I have heard of the sinners whom You have reclaimed.I am an old sinner, pray extend Your loving hand and take me to Yourself.To destroy the sins of the sinner, and to remove the ailments of the afflicted is Your occupation.Grant me devotion to You, O Lord, and confer Your grace on me! Take time to laugh, Were you touched by this poem? Thank you I really enjoyed reading it!! An Old English Prayer and enjoy life a new today, The sun will shine once again, I do not see with these two eyes, I also feel so grateful to God and thankful. May your name be hallowed by your works among the children of humanity— You are the savior of men. This Brand New Day by Abimbola T. Alabi - Family Friend Poems, Poems That Bring Awareness To Alzheimer's Disease. the 'our father' in aramaic . A soft gentle breeze crosses my face. I felt inspired by prayer to talk to God and write down my thoughts while sitting on my porch. which means God is saying: PDF. Keep her in Your tender care today.".

Give me hope and show me faith. Old English is also known as Anglo-Saxon, which is derived from the names of two Germanic tribes that invaded England during the fifth century.

Common Mistakes: the word "i" should be capitalized, "u" is not a word, and "im" is spelled "I'm" or "I am". Teach Me, Lord By Take time to play, it is the secret of perpetual youth. It will continue to be an inspirational poem for years to come. These Thanksgiving poems remind us that no matter what our circumstances, we can always find reasons to be grateful and give thanks. Daniel is an anonymous Old English poem based loosely on the Biblical Book of Daniel, found in the Junius Manuscript.The author and the date of Daniel are unknown. Teach me to share your love with others. Author Unknown The Choice Is Mine By it is the source of happiness. They have giving me so many hours of comfort & pleasure.

Through sickness and health, good times and hard times, God is our faithful protector. You ask for what we need the most in order to be able to live for our Lord. The Lord’s Prayer I (The Exeter Book) Holy Father, you who abide in the heavens, worthied in the joys of glory. Abimbola T. Alabi. This excerpt from a funeral poem illustrates the cyclical nature of life. It is a sincere submission before God Almighty, TRUE, every one of us experience this at certain point of time. He has pointed this out for me to see. He went back to the mid-West to visit his daughter for Christmas, and he collapsed, and is still in the Hospital. A gentle breeze crosses my path and gives me a slight chill.

Take time to be friendly, That revives my soul. I tilt my head back and close my eyes. Example of Old English The Lord's Prayer (Our Father) Fæder ure ðu ðe eart on heofenum si ðin nama gehalgod to-becume ðin rice geweorþe ðin willa on eorðan swa swa on heofenum.

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