The benefits of the full-year commitment include getting to know and work with the instructor and fellow students for two terms. Tortell, Philippe D., Greg H. Rau, François M.M. When, if ever, is two-tier health care just? How should we live our lives? Apply philosophical learning to important public issues and articulate why philosophical understanding is valuable in such debates. Guaranteed to keep you gasping for air by the second week of school, we give you 10 of the Hardest Classes at UBC. Students with a major in philosophy at UBC will be able to: Philosophy doesn’t stop with questions like What can we know? Under what conditions is it right to restrict a person’s liberty? When, if ever, is paternalism morally justified? natural sciences. Phil 100 is only offered in the lecture and discussion format (2 lectures + 1 discussion / week). Explain metaphysical concepts such as necessity, reality, time, God and free will, and evaluate major philosophical positions in relation to each. Morel (2000) Inorganic carbon acquisition in coastal Pacific phytoplankton communities. We acknowledge that the UBC Point Grey campus is situated on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam). Phil 101 is typically oriented towards introductory topics related to metaphysics, epistemology and philosophy of mind. What, in general, makes an act morally right or wrong, a person virtuous or vicious, a policy just or unjust? What is the relationship between patient autonomy, competence, and informed consent? Any course(s) not on these lists that you feel are relevant as Restricted Electives need to be approved by your program advisor, whose name and email is listed within each major. Are people ever really free? Students may use any 300-/400-level philosophy courses to fulfill their elective requirements excluding PHIL 400 and 401. A BA in Philosophy will help you develop the analytical, critical-reasoning, problem-solving, and communication skills needed to approach these question in a clear-eyed way. No 100-level Philosophy courses are requirements for our minor, major, combined major, or honours programs. These skills are not only helpful for graduate studies in Philosophy; they are some of the most valuable transferable skills for any profession. 12 pages. Under what circumstances, if any, is abortion morally wrong? There are difficult decisions made everyday; whether or not to take this class isn't one of them, it's an easy choice! Are mind and body distinct? Nature 383: 330-332. UBC Psychology considers the below syllabi as official. Under what circumstances, if any, is abortion morally wrong? How should we live our lives? Recognize and articulate fundamental questions about what exists, what we can know and how we should live our lives. 1 Formerly PHIL 434A. Explain and discriminate between major approaches to moral philosophy such as consequentialism, deontology and virtue ethics. Learn more by taking a class or talking with one of our advisors. 1. In Philosophy 333, we will explore answers to these questions from a variety of perspectives. Phil 100 is a full-year course that combines all of the topics typically taught in Phil 101 and 102. Identify central concerns and methods of philosophy in its historical development. Those quickly give rise to others. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at the University of British Columbia - Okanagan! What constitutes a good reason for believing something? Write a research paper that engages with primary and secondary literature. On this […] Success in this course will require hard work; consistent participation and engagement with the course materials; writing clearly and carefully; being fair but critical of others’ arguments, and of your own arguments; and a willingness to keep an open mind. Phil 125 is concerned with scientific reasoning and critical thinking. Phil 101 is typically oriented towards introductory topics related to metaphysics, epistemology and philosophy of mind. Shopping, Society, and Sustainability. Moral problems arising in the context of human relationships to nature and to non-human living things, considered in terms of both general moral theory and policy formation. We will be engaging with complex readings and difficult course material; discussing them collectively is the best way to learn from them. Explain the relations between those eras of philosophy and contemporary philosophy. We focus on the search for self-knowledge (gnōthi seauton), which Greek writers attributed to the Pythia, Oracle at Delphi. Develop their own areas of interest and investigate them from various perspectives. Phil 102 is typically oriented towards introductory topics related to ethics, political and social philosophy. How can moral disagreements be rationally settled? Click here for more information about Canvas. This course will provide an introduction to feminist perspectives on gender and sex. Acquire competence in translation, interpretation, and proof in sentential and predicate logic and understand how these processes help evaluate arguments. Must we always have evidence in order to know? Is it morally permissible for women to obtain and for doctors to provide medically unnecessary Caesarean sections? Grades will be based on the following components: This is an online course. 1) ... PHIL 230: Ethics People are faced with moral dilemmas daily. Creative Writing, Optional-Residency MFA Program, Faculty of Education, Professional Development & Community Engagement, Real Estate Division at the Sauder School of Business. Why should we obey the law? Do numbers exist? Phil 120 is concerned with formal reasoning and critical thinking. Understand influential attempts to answer such questions and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages. Tortell, Philippe D., Maria M. Maldonado, Neil M. Price (1996) The role of heterotrophic bacteria in iron-limited ocean ecosystems. This course is available both in lecture format and distance education format. This course is only available in lecture format. UBC researcher Dr. Josef Penninger has found a potential drug therapy that blocks the cellular door used by the COVID-19 virus to infect its hosts. Canadian Scholars, 2019, The textbook is available through the UBC Bookstore. What can we know? The University of British Columbia (UBC) has its fair share of difficult classes, with the ones that stand above the rest often stemming from math and sciences. Acquiring a critical grasp of leading normative ethical theories; Gaining a critical understanding of some important philosophical literature on some moral problems in health care; Developing your critical reasoning skills when it comes to identifying arguments in a text, stating those arguments in a precise and clear manner, and raising targeted objections to those arguments; Encouraging you to consider your own views on selected moral problems in health care, to consider your reasons for your views, to examine your views and reasons critically, and to rethink your views and arguments in the light of criticism.

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