Covering internal/external political changes, such as: Holy Roman Empire, imperial incidents, Estates & crown land, mercenary companies and war. Revolutionary Kingdom Book In R evolutionary Kingdom: Following the Rebel Jesus, author and Pastor Mike Slaughter explores why we must exchange comfortable cultural worldviews and values for the radical requirements of living out the Kingdom of God on Planet Earth. I don't have your response however you said you had reform in 1630. @Dendoris Cheers mate for the suggestions. Naples, while not posing any immediate threat due to its starting situation as a lesser partner in a personal union, will often seek to conquer the Papal State should it ever break free from Aragonese vassalage. Something which a lot of you have been waiting for a long time and are as hyped up for as I am. Previously it would disable the Curia removing an entire feature from the game as a “reward”. The Shadow Empire event in 1490 may remove the Italian princes from the HRE. You start as the Curia which gives you many benefits. I dont know if it still works in 1.9.2 but you could become Emporer as Papacy if you create 7 non-eligible electors and conquer every christian monarchy until it will default to you. Beginning with Urbino as vassal and with the provinces of Roma, Ancona, Umbria, Romagna and Avignon, it is relatively large and prosperous compared to other states in the region. This is already a huge leap forward as Florence is one of the best provinces in the game. I’ll show you how. For each practice banished not only the reform desire is decreased by a notable −10%, but also the related event is permanently disabled for all the Catholic nations, thus permanently stopping one of the most important sources of reform desire. I assure you, it's much more serious than that. Please see the. Jake is back and talking about the future. A more uncommon way the Papal State has to improve its control over the Curia is the ability to willingly increase the death chance of the Pope to cause an immediate new election. The Papal State cannot gain or invest papal influence anyway, but also has a better than average chance of becoming the Curia Controller if the full 49 cardinal seats are spread out in the Catholic Europe, so the consequences of this decision should be carefully judged by the player. I received 150 ducats and war reparations while gaining 28 aggressive expansion. The Papal State is virtually guaranteed maximum prestige. Does this mean "change_country_name" is a modding command now?

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